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Opening a Personal Account in Non-Resident Banks

These days it’s hard to overestimate the importance of choosing the financial institution to which you are going to entrust keeping and accrual of your earned money. A bank account in a non-resident bank will allow to diversify your money and keep them confidential. In jurisdictions that specialize in providing high-quality financial services, an obligatory insurance of bank deposits is stipulated by law, and a high level of banking services is guaranteed.

Foreign Banks Offer to Private Individuals

Foreign banks are notable for their prompt payments, clear cooperation terms, long-standing legislative framework and competitive fees. A private individual can open a personal savings or investment account. In jurisdictions that specialize in providing high-quality financial services, there are typically no foreign exchange controls. Customers are free to open accounts in different currencies or a multi-currency account. Online banking services available in multiple languages allow to easily access the assets and to manage them securely.      

Account in a Latvian Bank

The Republic of Latvia is the EU member state, and its financial sector operates under the strict European standards, including the guaranteed return of 100000 euro in case of the financial institution’s bankruptcy. Latvian banks are notable for fixing democratic terms for their customers. For example, there is no minimum balance requirement, and the fees are more than affordable.     

Intelligent Solution Group assists in opening accounts in Rietumu Banka and Baltikums Bank – the leading operators of financial market specialized in private funds services. Rietumu Banka operates since 1992 and provides easy transactions with more than 30 currencies without any conversion fees. Baltikums Bank is a member of Baltikums Bankas Grupa – a financial group existing since 1994. It offers low fees, individual approach to the customers, providing services in several languages and high reliability level.     

We also cooperate with ABLV, Norvik Banka and Latvijas Pasta Bankа.

Estonian Banks

Like Latvia, Estonia is distinguished by its financial sector stability. Local banks offer private banking services at the “Swiss level” but at much more affordable price. The guarantee fund protects money deposits up to 100000 euro as well as impaired securities up to 20000 euro. We recommend a personal account in Versobank AS operating since 1999. Apart from multi-currency account, the banks offers its individual customers a unique investment program – Globe project allowing to start investing in securities market at only 45000 euro a month.       

Austrian Meinl Bank

Austria has no giant banks, but in reality, the success of Austrian bankers often surpasses that of their Swiss colleagues. Private customers’ funds management is realized at much more lower price comparing to Switzerland, and in most cases, the transactions are performed in Real Time mode.     

Viennese Meinl Bank operates since 1923 and ranges among the most influential and respectable private banks. It is notable for prudent banking and flexible customer service policy. Managers provide services on deposited funds management consulting the customers on profitable investment of their funds. 

Intelligent Solution Group will help you to choose the best banking product that meets all your requirements. We focus on our customers’ needs, taking into account your possibilities, and help to open account in a chosen bank.   

An important area of our activity is also the registration of companies in 30 most popular European and traditional offshore jurisdictions: in Great Britain, Scotland, Cyprus, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Latvia, Estonia, the Isle of Man, Mauritius, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Belize, Panama, Anguilla, Dominica, Seychelles and British Virgin Islands, etc.

The experts of Intelligent Solution Group provide consultations by phone in Latvia +371 2964-4764 or by Skype – Intelligent.Solutions1. 

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