EU proposes strict rules for citizenship-by-investment programs

7th of August, 2023

The European Union Commission insists on strict adherence to the principles of Citizenship by Investment programs to improve safety and standards. 

Ilva Johannsson (European Commissioner for Home Affairs) has been appointed to head the oversight committee for a period of six months. The oversight committee will be responsible for monitoring compliance with programs in countries granting citizenship for investment. The European Union has called on countries in the union to implement stricter rules to ensure increased security and stability in the European region.

Rules that offer countries with CBI (Citizenship-by-Investment) programs

  1. Introduction of enhanced due diligence of all applicants to be conducted by reliable international companies from EU, US and UK.
  2. Mandatory interviews for all applicants for citizenship through CBI programs. Interviews can be arranged in person or using reliable online digital platforms.
  3. Eliminating postal delivery of official citizenship documents or passports to new citizens once status has been granted.
  4. Raising investment thresholds: a minimum of $200,000 (per applicant) for the endowment option and a minimum of $400,000 for real estate investments.
  5. Ensuring proper control and verification of the flow of funds, with strict procedures to verify the origin of funds. This includes mandatory transfer of investment funds directly to the program country regardless of the circumstances, and prohibits the transfer of funds to accounts in other countries.
  6. Prohibiting promotional materials touting the benefits of visa-free access to the EU for passports from these CBI program countries.

These proposals were designed to ensure that third countries offering Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs meet high standards. The European Union Commission has sent a strong signal by insisting on the implementation of strong protection mechanisms for the EU and its citizens.

The Commission has emphasized that principles aimed at enhancing due diligence, tightening investment criteria and strictly handling citizenship documents are essential to ensure that these programs are robust and comply with international laws and standards.

A special committee under the leadership of Ilva Johansson will ensure that these programs adhere to the established principles and prevent misuse and abuse. This will ensure that the programs are run responsibly and will protect them from potential violations.

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