About us

Intelligent Solution Group was founded in 2011. The talent pool of the company is formed by junior partners, who are professionals in banking, financial and legal fields. We have been working in the business services market for more than 20 years and know all the nuancesof international business. Our well-coordinated teamwork ensures quick solution of any case.

  • Clients from Ukraine, Latvia, Russia, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, etc. entrusted us with their business.
  • We work with 35 jurisdictions on all continents of the world. Our partner network has grown to 2 thousand clients.
  • We have 36 partner banks.
  • We accompany 10 family offices in Switzerland.

Thanks to efficient work, Intelligent Solution Group has gained recognition from its clients. Most of them have been subscribed to those services for many years now.



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  1. No Red Tape

    Each client has an assigned personal assistant, an employee who walks you throughout all stages of cooperation. This allows you to get rid of bureaucracy, which thrives in many large consulting firms, where a client is bounced around various departments.

  2. Convenient Communication

    All communication is minimized so as not to distract you from your work. You only communicate with your personal assistant, who is in charge of your case, employs experts when necessary, and reports about the details of the process.

  3. Integrated Approach

    In modern-day business, one-time solutions don’t work anymore, as they eliminate the problem only for a short time. Our clients receive comprehensive offers designed to solve several problems at once, with a long-term perspective.

  4. One-Stop Service

    Our clients receive one-stop service. If your business faces diverse challenges, you don’t have to contact several companies. The team of Intelligent Solution Group consists of financiers, lawyers, accountants, compliance specialists, employees with banking experience, translators, and other corporate service providers. Moreover, we have a wide network of agents and partners around the world.

  5.  Availability 24 Hours a Day

    Once our client, you can call your assigned assistant at any time and get expert advice.

  6. Privacy Policy

    We comply with mandatory and generally accepted standards for privacy policy, and provide additional guarantees in this matter. All clients’ information is stored on independent, well-protected servers in Switzerland.