Registration of foreign company

A non-resident company is an absolutely legal and proven tool for optimising small and medium-sized businesses. The main advantages of such a solution will be low tax rates, simplified reporting and confidentiality. At the same time, everyone who has tried to register and extend the activity of a foreign company on their own has probably encountered a number of difficulties and problems. The main ones include:

  • unclear and confusing national legislation;
  • language barrier;
  • incorrectly prepared or insufficient documents for filing for company registration;
  • no possibility to travel to the country of business registration.

Intelligent Solution Group specialists will help you to register your international business abroad quickly, affordably and without unnecessary bureaucratic delays.

Who will benefit from the service?

The opening of an international organisation will primarily be of interest to entrepreneurs who plan to scale their business and wish to:

  • expand the market;
  • register a business in a reliable foreign jurisdiction;
  •  gain access to the services of a stable banking system;
  • freely and without restrictions to carry out banking transactions in any currency;
  •  minimise the tax and administrative burden.

Each jurisdiction has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so the most appropriate solution should be chosen based on the goals pursued and the specifics of the business.

Assistance of Intelligent Solution Group in registration of a foreign company

We offer turnkey company registration and support abroad, so each of our clients, regardless of their goals, complexity of the situation and other circumstances, is guaranteed to receive:

  • personal consultation with a specialist with detailed answers to questions regarding company registration, opening a bank account, as well as taxation and accounting services;
  • assistance in selecting the most suitable jurisdiction based on the specifics of the business and its activities;
  •  assistance in collecting and preparing the necessary documents;
  • assistance in opening a corporate bank account;
  • subsequent accounting and legal support.

We work with over 35 jurisdictions around the world and are ready to help with non-resident company registration for any purpose.

Terms and conditions of work

In order to register a ready-made company abroad, it is necessary to perform a number of consecutive actions. In our work, we adhere to the following algorithm:

  1. We analyse the client's business: planned activities, geography of operations and counterparties, other specifics, and on the basis of this information we prepare a detailed description. Based on this information, we select the most appropriate jurisdiction.
  2. Prepare documents. Collect and prepare the package of documents required for company registration.
  3. Submit an application. After preparing all the necessary documents, we prepare, sign and send the application for company registration.
  4. Obtain a licence to operate, if necessary. In certain cases, a licence is a prerequisite for legally carrying out a particular type of activity. 
  5. Open a corporate bank account. Fulfil all the requirements of the bank, in particular, on economic presence in the country. After passing all checks, activate the account, and from that moment you can start doing business.

The presented list of actions is approximate and may vary depending on the specifics of a particular situation.

For more than 10 years we have been successfully providing legal and tax support to businesses and are ready to help with the registration of a company in a reliable foreign jurisdiction.

What documents are required to register a foreign company?

The package of documents depends on the chosen jurisdiction, the legal form of the company and the specifics of the business. In any case, you will need an identity document, an application in the prescribed form and a power of attorney in the case of a representative.

How long does it take to register a foreign company?

The length of the process of registering a foreign company depends on the chosen jurisdiction and usually varies from a few days to a couple of weeks.

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