LP company registration in Europe (England, Ireland, Scotland) and Canada

LP (Limited Partnership), or limited partnership is a convenient form of doing business, the main advantages are:

  • remote registration procedure;
  • simple procedure of exit of limited partners;
  • 0 taxation if not conducting business within the jurisdiction;
  • no offshore status.

Who will the service be suitable for?

There are two main types of participants in this form of business:

  • General partners. Take over the management of the company and are personally responsible for debts and liabilities.
  • Limited. Do not take part in management. Their liability is limited to the size of the investment. 

Due to these features Limited Partnership is widely spread among individuals and legal entities, residents of any country. This form of doing business is suitable for trading activities, logistics, providing services in the IT segment or other online areas.

LP company registration in Europe and Canada allows you to:

  • conduct business in a more respectable jurisdiction, compared to offshore companies in "blacklisted" countries;
  • expand tax planning opportunities;
  • protect the assets of partners;
  • simplify access to international markets.

Peculiarities of LP registration in different countries (England, Ireland, Scotland) and Canada

  • activities outside the jurisdictions are not taxed;
  • no minimum amount of capital is set;
  • partners can be both private and corporate persons of any residency;
  • appointment of a secretary is optional and optional;
  • a minimum of two partners are required to form a company;
  • the company is managed by a general partner who acts as a director;
  • the register of beneficiaries is public and information on ultimate owners is publicly available (in Ireland and Canada information on beneficiaries is not disclosed).
  • it is necessary to have an office in the country of incorporation
  • apostille (except for Canada, this jurisdiction does not recognize apostilles);
  • registration information must be updated by filing an Annual Return.

Professional assistance in opening an LP in Europe and Canada

Intelligent Solution Group specialists help you register a limited partnership. Work performed includes:

  • case study;
  • preparation and execution of documents;
  • selection of the jurisdiction in accordance with the needs;
  • conducting and full support of the registration process, with apostilization and notarization of documents - where necessary;
  • bank or payment system account opening, support in KYC procedures and compliance inquiries;
  • accounting support - preparation and filing of accounts, audits;
  • annual renewal of the company - tracking deadlines, reminders, notifications when laws in the jurisdiction change.

We are ready to offer ready-made LP companies in Europe and Canada if you need a tool now. 

Process steps and conditions

To register an LP you need to:

  • contact an Intelligent Solution Group specialist;
  • provide basic information about your own business;
  • outline the desired result and goals;
  • provide a package of documents for registration.

The rest of the questions will be taken care of by the company's experts.

Intelligent Solution Group is a close-knit team of professionals ready to provide our clients with a safe and convenient space for their money and assets. We will help you open an LP company in Europe and Canada without bureaucracy and promptly. We solve even the most complex issues with quality assurance and full responsibility for the result.

What documents do I need to submit to register an LP company?

  • 3 options of names for your company;
  • a description of the future activities of the company;
  • national and foreign passports of each founder of the company;
  • proof of the registration address of each founder (e.g. utility bill) and translation into English.

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