Accounting services for businesses

Intelligent Solution Group helps legal entities which seek a foothold in the global economic space but have no representatives in other countries and are not familiar with the peculiarities of local legislation. We can help avoid mistakes, develop tax accounting and payment optimisation strategies to avoid miscalculations or fines.

Accounting and auditing services - what are we good for?

Intelligent Solution Group offers expert support and guidance to clients in a variety of industries. The processes we carry out for international companies:

  1. advice on current accounting legislation to ensure that the requirements are properly understood and applied in an international company;
  2. expert advice on tax developments which may affect an international company, developing effective tax planning strategies;
  3. assistance in setting up an accounting system from scratch for multinational companies, and developing accounting policies that are consistent with their strategy and objectives;
  4. in the event of a loss of data or incorrect record keeping, we help restore an international company's accounting records and bring them into compliance with legal requirements;
  5. advice on tax planning in non-standard situations, assistance in optimising tax liabilities and mitigating risks
  6. support and assistance in dealing with regulatory authorities, representing an international company and ensuring compliance with requirements and regulations during inspections and audits;
  7. preparation and filing of financial statements, support in reporting to the regulators and other related processes;
  8. conducting audits of international companies to assess the correctness and reliability of their accounting and tax records
  9. determining effective financial planning strategy, assessing financial risks and making informed decisions
  10. preparing for audits, responding to enquiries, ensuring the correct presentation of documentation, and protecting the interests of the client company.

Accountancy services

Financial reporting and auditing services for legal entities will ensure proper allocation of financial flows, help to establish a foothold in a new area, increase assets, attract clients and investors, and avoid risks and problems during inspections by regulators or banks.

Dealing with Intelligent Solution Group has a number of advantages:

  • Reducing the cost of bookkeeping will save you from unnecessary expenses, and allow you to optimize your staff.
  • Prompt response to your requests will increase your speed of solving problems and will contribute to the trust of your clients and rating of your organization.
  • High volume of information handling by our specialists will let your company solve your problems as soon as possible.
  • Tracking of legislative acts and innovations is necessary to make timely changes in document circulation, to keep the financial accounting system in actual state.
  • The absence of transaction limits will ensure uninterrupted flow of financial flows, guarantee a response to client's requests, ensure a steady increase in profits through turnover and increase in assets.
  • Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping of a foreign company will help to optimize the quality and efficiency of work of the enterprise.

Process Stages

  1. A specialist collects data on the institution's operations, financial position, human and material resources, and workflow control system. On the basis of the information obtained, a time frame for the task is determined and the amount of work to be done is calculated.
  2. An audit plan is drawn up, which takes into account the specifics and peculiarities of the company. A team of experts is selected, having competence in required fields.
  3. An audit, internal accounting and tax documents and report of the offshore or another legal entity are scrutinized, during which the information is gathered and evaluated, acts, invoices and statements are checked, inaccurate data or discrepancies between the declared and actual figures are revealed, and errors are identified.
  4. The correct report shall be submitted to the supervisory authorities.

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