Obtaining a gambling licence

Gambling licenses are special permits issued by specific jurisdictions for the organization of gambling business. The importance of obtaining such a license can hardly be overestimated, as only after its issuance it is possible to legally operate casinos, slot machines and betting shops.

Anjuan's gambling license — about the service

Why is it difficult to apply for a gambling license on your own?

Entrepreneurs face a lot of difficulties when they want to apply for a gambling license on their own. For example:

  • ignorance of legal procedures and bureaucracy in a particular jurisdiction, which leads to unwanted delays and even to the refusal to issue a license;
  • business cannot provide evidence of compliance with the conditions of license issuance, in particular - there is no source of origin of the company's assets (the cost of organizing gambling activities in 2023 is very high!);
  • misunderstanding of what legal form of organization is best to open a business in a particular case. This lack of understanding leads to difficulties in managing the company (different types of reporting, legal requirements) and sometimes - to a decrease in profitability of the whole business;
  • lack of understanding of available taxation systems.

All of the above challenges may confront an entrepreneur who wants to independently obtain a license for slot machines and casinos. It should also be mentioned that the registration authority will thoroughly check the applicant and his documents for compliance with legal requirements, and the slightest error or inaccuracy may result in the denial of the license.

Correct, error-free and prompt issuance of gambling license is possible only with the support of professionals. Intelligent Solution Group experts will help you avoid bureaucratic complexities and unclear legal procedures.

Advantages of obtaining a license:

  • legality. You get the opportunity to open a gambling business on a fully legal basis;
  • large coverage. Licenses, as a rule, have different subtypes - with their help you can open online casinos, sweepstakes, bookmakers, betting exchanges and other organizations;
  • benefits. Compared to classic taxation rates, many gambling licenses soften and relax the tax burden;
  • Finally, gambling licenses provide state protection - in case of infringement of rights you have the opportunity to influence the infringer through the court or in another manner established by law.

Who needs a license?

The service "Gambling license registration" is intended for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the gambling sphere:

  • to open an offline or online casino;
  • organize a bookmaker's office;
  • install a slot machine;
  • offer customers a totalizator;
  • open a betting exchange;
  • create any other company that will profit from gambling activities (for example, a poker club).

Legal services for business are in demand when registering all of the above organizations.

How do we help?

Our task is to organize complex support in the procedure of gambling license registration for your business. A standard case consists of the following stages:

  • immersion in the client's case, studying his goals, business needs and planned result;
  • preparation and collection of all documents for company registration;
  • company registration;
  • obtaining a taxpayer number;
  • opening an account in a bank or payment system;
  • preparation of application documents for issuance of license;
  • filing of application, development of AML/ KYC compliance policies and regulations;
  • obtaining a gambling license.

The general list of documents we will need to prepare together includes:

  • application for a license;
  • constituent documents;
  • acts and certificates on the financial position of the company;
  • accounting statements;
  • bank account statement;
  • receipt of payment of the fee.

The cost of gambling-licensing of a foreign company, as well as the list of documents required for this depends on the chosen jurisdiction. In different countries there are different nuances of registration and work with gambling licenses.

Why contact us?

Intelligent Solution Group knows how to get a gambling license abroad in a short time and without red tape. People turn to us because we:

  • provide professional support of the client's interests;
  • know the legal intricacies and legal requirements of the jurisdictions where we obtain gambling licenses;
  • analyze the client's activities and select the license that will best help to get results.

Contact Intelligent Solution Group - be sure of successful registration of gambling business and obtaining the necessary license.

What documents are required to obtain a gambling license?

The minimum package includes an application for a license, founding documents and a bank account statement.

How long does it take on average to obtain a license?

It all depends on the chosen jurisdiction. Our representatives work on average 4-5 weeks to process the license.

How many licenses can be issued?

You are not limited in the choice of licenses for your activity. You should choose specific areas in advance and execute documents for them.

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