Curacao (Curaçao) license for gambling activities

Due to its versatility, the Curaçao license for gambling activities is in great demand from gambling establishments.

Advantages of a Curaçao license

At the moment, the island of Curaçao is the most popular jurisdiction for registration of various forms of gambling business, and the license issued by Curaçao is extremely popular. Pros of Curacao license:

  • covers all types of gambling activities;
  • the time of obtaining it is up to 8 weeks, which is considered very fast;
  • no need to visit the jurisdiction in person, our representative will do it for you;
  • no income tax.

Despite the obvious advantages, you should not discount the nuances of registration of this license. First of all, it is important to understand that in Curacao there are only 4 companies that can issue master licenses. The other operators help only in issuing a sub-license. This complicates the procedure, as the applicant does not actually interact with the direct registrar.

In addition, Curaçao sets out an impressive list of requirements for the applicant, which must be compulsorily fulfilled. This is exactly the task that Intelligent Solution Group helps to cope with.

Who are our services intended for?

Our company helps to open a casino, betting company with registration in Curacao, betting exchange, totalizator, any other company in the gambling industry.

Thanks to our competence and many years of experience, we know the specifics of working with this jurisdiction, which helps us qualitatively and without errors to prepare all the necessary documents and fulfill all the requirements of the regulator.

How do we help?

Intelligent Solution Group provides comprehensive legal support of your interests at every stage of obtaining a Curaçao license. The procedure itself consists of the following stages:

  • immersion in the client's case, studying his goals, business needs and planned result;
  • preparation and collection of all documents for company registration;
  • company registration;
  • obtaining a taxpayer number;
  • opening a bank or payment system account;
  • preparation of filing documents for obtaining a license;
  • filing, drafting policies and regulations for AML/ KYC compliance;
  • obtaining the license.

We can help with other tasks:

  • Organize data backup storage in Curacao;
  • domain ownership;
  • passing a technical audit;
  • software certification.

Of course, we take care of all the work on preparation and execution of the necessary package of documents:

  • Application;
  • CV;
  • copies of passport and incorporation documents;
  • bank account statement;
  • development of AML/ KYC compliance policies and regulations.

The price of an international license in Curaçao depends on many nuances. You should also be aware that you will need to pay a registration fee when submitting the documents.

Why should you turn to us?

Intelligent Solution Group is a team of experts, lawyers, which will provide you with high-quality support in obtaining a license for high-risk activities. We help you to comply with the requirements of the legislation of Curaçao and obtain a license for gambling activities in a short period of time.

How much does a Curaçao sub-license for gambling business cost?

The cost of the license consists of the registration fee, services of representatives, documentation and other necessary operations.

What documents are required to obtain a license?

The minimum required documents include an application for a license, a resume, company incorporation documents and a bank statement.

How long does it take on average to obtain a license?

The procedure takes from 4 to 8 weeks.

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