Tax planning. Payment of taxes on foreign assets and cryptoassets

Cost optimization is a logical and understandable goal of any entrepreneur. A special place in this is occupied by rational international business tax planning – a legitimate process aimed at reducing the size of the tax liability and reducing the corresponding costs.

Tax planning is achieved by optimizing the legal form of companies, knowledge and ability to operate the peculiarities and requirements of the legislation of different countries, and other factors depending on the specific case. 

It is extremely important that planning is not reduced to obtaining unjustified benefits and does not turn into tax evasion. Otherwise, there is a real risk of disputes between the taxpayer and the controlling authority.

In order to prevent the optimization from causing additional problems, please contact Intelligent Solution Group for assistance. We will carefully familiarize ourselves with the circumstances of the case and the specifics of the business and will suggest the best way to reduce the tax burden.

Goals and problems of tax planning

The main purpose of tax planning is to minimize tax losses and, as a consequence, to increase working capital. Thanks to this, the business gets additional opportunities to improve its financial and economic performance and its subsequent development.

However, it should be taken into account that achieving the set goals of tax planning and obtaining certain advantages for business is possible only if there is a deep knowledge in the field of tax legislation of countries and international financial transactions.

In turn, the lack of competent tax planning, as well as its implementation by own efforts, is often associated with the following difficulties and problems:

  • ignorance of the legislation of the countries in which the business is opened or operates;
  • inability to choose the optimal taxation system;
  • excessive tax costs - double taxation, high rates;
  • non-compliance with the requirements of tax legislation;
  • irrational utilization of available opportunities - overpayments, failure to receive benefits and preferences;
  • risks of legal liability – imposition of fines, application of other sanctions.

It is possible to achieve the desired results and avoid the onset of adverse consequences only through competent preparation and strict compliance with all legal requirements.

Who benefits from the service?

The service is necessary for entrepreneurs with international businesses who want to reduce their tax costs and protect capital.

We offer turnkey support for a foreign company and are ready to help with any related issue.

Assistance of Intelligent Solution Group in tax planning

As part of the service we will perform all necessary actions to optimize taxation of crypto-assets and other assets of the organization. In general, the whole procedure of tax planning is as follows:

  • we study the client's situation, look at the specifics of the business and other peculiarities;
  • analyze the current tax efficiency, identify potential risks and develop a strategy to reduce them;
  • we look for opportunities to apply various legal and financial instruments - benefits, double taxation agreements;
  • develop tax-efficient holding, financial and trading structures;
  • build a risk management strategy;
  • prepare a tax strategy aimed at optimizing liabilities and reducing the burden;
  • implement the tax plan;
  • monitor the implemented tax strategy and make adjustments if necessary.

Why resort to tax planning?

Competently conducted tax optimization of a non-resident organization has the following advantages:

  • minimization of tax risks;
  • significant tax savings and reduction of related costs;
  • absence of claims from controlling authorities;
  • increase in the volume of working capital and the emergence of great opportunities for business development.

Intelligent Solution company has extensive experience in reducing tax costs of foreign companies. We offer professional tax support for business and guarantee strict compliance with all taxation requirements in the optimization process.

How can you further optimize business operations?

Tax planning deals exclusively with taxation issues. For additional optimization, you can use our accompanying services. In particular, we offer company registration, accounting support, opening bank accounts, licensing and other services.

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