Registration of a company in the Seychelles

Seychelles is superior in terms of business conditions to many other jurisdictions. That is why the island state is considered one of the most loyal offshore zones in the world. The local government promotes the inflow of new companies in every possible way, as foreign investments are the basis for the economic well-being of the country.

One of the main reasons to open a company in Seychelles is the complete absence of taxes. Entrepreneurs do not pay:

  • capital gains tax;
  • tax on company profits;
  • withholding tax on dividend payments. 

If you decide to open a business in Seychelles, you will only need to pay an annual fee when you renew your company registration.

The Seychelles authorities have a number of double taxation agreements with various countries including South Africa, China and Malaysia. However, it is worth noting that an offshore IBC company is not able to take advantage of the benefits provided by these treaties.

Reporting requirements and company structure

Reporting and auditing

Legislation does not require reporting. But it is important to realize that the bank may require all documents, including reporting, so it must be kept in order and prepared in advance. 

Company structure

Business registration in Seychelles is available for companies that meet the following structure requirements:

  • presence of at least one shareholder (legal entity or individual);
  • nominee directors and shareholders are allowed. These positions may be held by the same person or legal entity;
  • there are no residency requirements.

Companies are required to have a registered office in Seychelles.


The register of companies is closed. Information about directors, shareholders and beneficiaries of companies is not publicly available. However, the Registrar has access to the register of directors. In addition, the Beneficial Ownership Act (2020) came into force on August 28, 2020, which introduces a mandatory requirement to provide beneficial ownership information to the Registrar.

A non-resident company must not:

  • conduct business activities offshore in Seychelles;
  • acquire real estate in the islands;
  • engage in banking, insurance, reinsurance and trust services.

Intelligent Solution Group experts support the process on a turnkey basis

Opening and renewal of a company in Seychelles requires knowledge of legal formalities relevant for this region. Contact our experts and you can be sure that everything will go smoothly. Using our services, you will receive the following assistance:

  • LTD company registration in Seychelles;
  • opening an account for it in a neobank;
  • tax advice;
  • Substance service;
  • we will undertake reporting and audit for the company in Seychelles;
  • issue additional documents for the foreign company;
  • if necessary, prepare accounting reports for LTD company in Seychelles.

The legislation governing International Business Companies has undergone changes

The International Business Companies Act was enacted in 1994 and subsequently amended. From December 27, 2011 and April 2012, changes to the law governing non-resident structures such as companies, trusts, foundations and partnerships came into force.

Do I need to renew my company registration every year?

Yes, you do. Failure to renew on time will result in penalties being assessed. Our specialists make renewal reminders in advance. 

Are there any restrictions on the authorized capital?

The standard authorized capital is $100,000 divided into shares with a par value of $1. The minimum issued capital is $1.

Are there any ready-made companies?

If an entrepreneur for some reason cannot wait for company registration, it is possible to buy a ready-made LTD company in Seychelles, which is already approved by all regulators and supervisory authorities.

What documents are required to register a company?

  • unique company name;
  • memorandum of association;
  • articles of association
  • confirmed addresses of directors and shareholders;
  • copies of internal and foreign passports of directors and shareholders.

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