Company registration in Estonia (OU)

Planning to start a business abroad and Estonia sounds like the perfect place to start? We are ready to help. Registering a company in Estonia is a step towards the global economy and new opportunities.

Our company Intelligent Solution Group specializes in supporting clients on this path, providing a full range of services from incorporation to accounting support and licensing. With us, the service of registering a foreign company in Estonia (OU) will be available quickly and without bureaucracy.

Advantages for non-resident business

Non-resident business in Estonia has pluses:

  • Estonia is a member of the European Union, which guarantees stability and access to European markets;
  • the jurisdiction offers a favorable tax system: the income tax rate will be 0%, provided that the company does not distribute profits; the dividend tax rate is 25%; capital gains tax is considered as standard income of the company and is charged at the general rate at the time of profit distribution;
  • access to numerous double taxation treaties;
  • accounts for Estonian companies can be opened in physical banks, providing convenient financial management;
  • only 2 euros of start-up capital is required to register an OU, making Estonia attractive for start-ups and small companies.

What can stop you from starting a business

Many entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Estonia are concerned about the following problems:

  1. Ignorance of local rules and requirements. Estonian bureaucracy and legal system may seem complicated to non-residents.
  2. Lack of time. Registering and launching a company is a multi-step process that can be greatly accelerated with our help.
  3. Potential errors. Errors in documents or breaches of regulations can lead to delays and additional costs.

Contact us and the opening and extension of business activities in Estonia (OU) will be available to you.

How do we help?

With us, you will go through the following stages of processing:

  1. Research and Analysis. We start with a detailed study of your operations, needs and plans. This allows us to provide you with the best recommendations and optimal strategy.
  2. Company registration. We handle all the necessary paperwork so that it complies with local laws and regulations. This includes choosing a suitable name and preparing a set of incorporation documents.
  3. Authorization to operate. We guarantee that your application will be processed quickly and you will receive a business permit.
  4. Account opening. We additionally accompany the procedure of opening a bank or payment system account, ensure compliance with all necessary AML and KYC procedures.
  5. Accounting support. We offer to undertake the accounting of your company.
  6. Licensing. If a license is required, we will help you obtain it in accordance with the requirements of regulators.

With our help you can not only register a company in Estonia (OU) on a turnkey basis, we can also help you buy a ready-made company in Estonia.

If you have additional questions or are ready to start registering your company in Estonia, contact Intelligent Solution Group online or offline. We are ready to study your case in detail, provide all necessary recommendations and ensure a successful start of your international business.

What documents are required to register an OU in Estonia?

To register an OU in Estonia, passport data of the founders and directors, as well as information about the beneficiaries of the company will be required.

What are constituent documents and how to prepare them?

Constituent documents include the Articles of Association of the company and the resolution on the establishment of the OU. These documents can be prepared with the help of our lawyers.

Are there any requirements to have an office in Estonia?  

OU registration does not require a physical office in Estonia, but the company must have an official address of incorporation in the country.

What kind of beneficiary and director structures are allowed? 

An OU can have both local and foreign beneficiaries and directors. The absence of citizenship restrictions makes Estonia attractive for non-residents.

What are the residency requirements for beneficiaries and directors? 

There are no strict residency requirements for beneficiaries and directors in Estonia. This allows companies to remain non-residents even if the business operates outside the country.

In Estonian OÜ, information about the company's shareholders and directors is available in the public register. There is no nominee service, the company is registered to the client's representative.  

How to do bookkeeping for OU in Estonia? 

OU in Estonia requires bookkeeping in accordance with local legal requirements. 
All Estonian companies must keep books, submit a financial report and Annual Return once a year. An Estonian company is audited if two conditions are met: 

  • sales or income from 2 million EUR; 
  • balance sheet volume of EUR 1 million or more. 

or one of the two conditions: 

  • sales or income of EUR 6 million; 
  • balance sheet volume of EUR 3.5 million or more.

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