Registration of a company in Gibraltar (LTD)

Gibraltar is a country with an area of only 6.8 square kilometers, but it is a major offshore center. Every company in Gibraltar enjoys numerous advantages that make business activities much easier. For example, non-resident companies pay neither income tax, capital gains tax nor withholding tax on dividends.

Registering a business in Gibraltar is a great solution for companies that operate in e-commerce, trading, holding companies. However, this does not mean that businesses in other industries face problems. No matter what niche your company operates in, joining a Gibraltar jurisdiction is a good decision.

Reporting requirements and company structure

Registration of an LTD-company in Gibraltar is a voluntary agreement of the entrepreneur to comply with the requirements prescribed in the legislation. It is necessary to file a financial report annually. It consists of:

  • balance sheet information;
  • profit and loss statement;
  • Annual Return – brief information on the state of the company as a whole;
  • an auditor's report (relevant for medium and large businesses).

A company is considered small and does not file an auditor's report if the annual gross profit does not exceed 4.8 million GBP and the total book value does not exceed 2.4 million GBP.

An entrepreneur whose company meets three structural requirements can open a business in Gibraltar:

  1. The presence of at least one shareholder. This can be either a legal entity or an individual.
  2. Presence of a minimum of one director. He can have any nationality, be a natural or legal person.
  3. Presence of a resident secretary acting as a registered agent. Can be a natural or legal person.

Information on the director and secretary is available on the website of the state register. The list of shareholders is contained in the annual report and is published on the website of the state register. Data on the above officers may remain confidential if a nominee service is used.

Every company registered in Gibraltar must have a registered office where documents such as minutes and resolutions of the company, register of directors, shareholders, as well as documents related to the transfer of shares, administrative and accounting records are kept. A local registered agent must also be appointed.

Other requirements:

  • the company is not authorized to conduct commercial activities in Gibraltar or with Gibraltar citizens;
  • it is prohibited to engage in banking, custody, insurance, reinsurance, fund and asset management and any other financial activities;
  • the company must not remit its income to Gibraltar.
  • to maintain its tax-free status, the company must not have a bank account with a bank located in Gibraltar. 

If the above requirements are met, the company is by definition not taxable in Gibraltar and is not required to register with the Gibraltar tax authorities. This also means that, unlike taxpayers, a non-resident company cannot be taxed in Gibraltar under any circumstances.

How Intelligent Solution Group can help you

Our experts will help you to open a LTD company in Gibraltar with minimum effort and time:

  • advise you on tax issues;
  • open bank and non-bank accounts;
  • provide Substance service (Substance service);
  • organize the issuance of documents for a foreign company;
  • prepare accounting and auditing documents and file them;
  • extend the company in Gibraltar.

Accounting for a company in Gibraltar is a complex matter that can easily be misunderstood if you do not have the appropriate knowledge and experience, our accountants will take care of the process.

Do I need to renew my LTD company in Gibraltar every year?

Yes, it is necessary.Our staff always make reminders to our clients to make sure that the renewal is done on time.  

Are there any restrictions on the authorized capital?

Yes, the minimum authorized capital is 2000 GBP.

What documents are required to carry out company registration?

  • Identity document.
  • Document confirming the address (certified copy of the utility bill not older than 3 months/ certified copy of the bank statement not older than 3 months with the address).
  • Document proving source of income (e.g. bank statement).
  • CV.
  • Original application form completed and signed by UBO.
  • Original letter of recommendation from an auditor, bank or lawyer.

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