Registering a company and opening a corporate bank account in Thailand

One promising business destination is Thailand, which has low investment risk and a stable political situation.

Most of Thailand's commercial sectors are in the process of development, which suggests that it is relatively easy for new companies to enter. Nevertheless, in order to work legally, foreign entrepreneurs need to register a business in the country, as well as open a corporate account at a local bank. Intelligent Solution Group can help you to avoid all the pitfalls. 

Our company offers a service of business opening in Thailand for foreigners, for whom the question of international business without restrictions is acute. We take care of issues related to tax residency, business structuring and, in general, corporate services.

Opening a business in Thailand (registering a company in Thailand with a bank account)

The country has many financial instruments for business and consumer protection, which is why it attracts foreign investors. The main advantage is that Thailand is not offshore (the jurisdiction is not on the EU and FATF black lists), you can open an account with one of the local banks and not be tied to a particular payment system.  Thai banks offer attractive rates and allow transactions in 16 world currencies, including RMB. In addition, registering a business in Thailand will allow: 

  • Expose the business to the Asian market. 
  • Enjoy comprehensive services - asset management, investment services and a package of banking products. 
  • Get the simplest possible administration of the company. 
  • Not to be tied to the residency requirements of the main shareholders and directors.
  • Have control over the movement of funds from anywhere in the world with convenient online banking (available in English).
  • Exempt from VAT, import or export duties. 

"Is it possible to open a corporate bank account for a firm in Thailand?" - this question is acute for those who are going to optimise their business or continue to run their business without being adversely affected by outside factors. The practice of our clients shows that it is almost impossible to open an account or obtain a licence on your own due to a number of reasons (ignorance of local laws, language barrier, etc.), so it is easier to entrust the process to professionals. 

We close all issues related to the assets of companies operating internationally, provide legal protection to the business and increase the loyalty of clients and partners.  In addition, we know exactly how to obtain a second citizenship to open new prospects for the development of your own business.

How to register a company and open a bank account in Thailand when you contact us

We individually approach to the wishes of each client, carefully examine the company's activities and objectives, consider the geography of its partners and give some optimal options to choose from. We offer business outsourcing services for corporate process expertise by leading experts, full support for non-resident companies in Thailand.  

During the company registration process we carry out all necessary procedures: 

  1. Collection of necessary documents for registration
  2. Checking whether it is possible to register the company under the desired name.
  3. Filing an application for registration.
  4. Tracking the approval process and resolving any issues that may arise.
  5. Receiving the completed documents and handing them over to the client.

With our extensive practical experience in creating and handling complex cases, we protect our clients from potential complications and risks and ensure that business development abroad is straightforward and reliable. 

Setting up a corporate account in Thailand

In order to apply for a corporate account with banks in Thailand the client will need to be in person (you will need to fly to Bangkok for 3-5 working days). 
According to local law the client has to request an account opening for each currency they intend to work with.

Reviewing the application and making a decision does not require the business owner to be physically present - our specialists will close the procedure themselves. 

For our part we guarantee:  

  • Correct execution of documents for account opening.
  • Consultation on the selection of the best banks for the client's needs.
  • Submission of preliminary applications to the selected banks.
  • Selection of the best option among those approved.
  • Assistance in passing the KYC-check.
  • Obtaining and transmitting details of the opened bank account.
  • Support in all matters arising from the bank (setting up the bank, further communication with the bank staff in case of questions to the client, advice on how to make invoices, bookkeeping, etc.).

We assist in obtaining a tax identification number (Tax ID) before submitting the account opening application. 

Package offers for businesses

Intelligent Solution Group is an outsourced service that helps international businesses to comprehensively cover overseas assets and tax risks. We offer an innovative product: security for money and assets at the intersection of corporate services and family office.  
Our team includes former bank employees, lawyers, auditors, accountants, international relations and tax specialists, so we guarantee proven solutions in structuring our clients' businesses. We help you avoid losses, grow your capital and preserve your peace of mind.

What is the taxation in Thailand?

VAT rate is 0%, provided there are no domestic activities;
Income tax is assessed on a progressive scale from 0 to 20%;
Dividend tax of 10%, withheld at source.

Does the company need a physical presence in Thailand?

There is a requirement for sabstance in Thailand: periodic inspections are carried out by the registration and tax authorities. We provide an on-site (office) sub-inspection and close issues with these kinds of inspections.
What documents do I need to register a company in Thailand?
Information on the number of shares in the company, beneficiaries;
Name of the company;
Copies of the passports of the founders and the director. content


Registering a company and opening a corporate bank account in Thailand
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