Registration of a company in Cyprus (LTD)

The small island state attracts foreign investors and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to do business within the EU, a strong financial services sector and a loyal tax policy. The jurisdiction is suitable for both relocation and opening a company without visiting the country.

Despite the favorable business climate, registration of an international company in Cyprus is a complicated procedure that requires knowledge of legislation, correct choice of legal form, preparation of a package of documents and obtaining permits. Intelligent Solution Group specialists will help to open a business in a short period of time with minimal involvement on your part and provide full support in the future.

Advantages of opening a company in Cyprus

The popularity of the jurisdiction is due to:

  • high reputation, absence in the "black list" of world offshore companies;
  • free access of business to the European market, licenses obtained here are valid throughout the EU;
  • transparent conditions and safe conduct of commercial activities, low level of corruption. In 2022, according to the World Justice Project, the country ranked 28th in terms of the rule of law;
  • one of the lowest income tax rates in the European Union - 12.5%, VAT - 0-19%;
  • the signing by more than 60 countries of a double taxation treaty with Cyprus for international business;
  • availability of tax incentives for investors;
  • possibility to register and manage business processes remotely, to maintain documentation in English.

Information on beneficiaries and shareholders is publicly available. We will help to maintain confidentiality by appointing a nominee director. The use of such a service is authorized by Cypriot law.

What kind of business can be opened in Cyprus

This low-tax jurisdiction is favorable for international trade with EU countries, e-commerce, as well as holding activities involving dividend income. Due to the favorable taxation of intellectual property (IP Box regime - 2.5%) IT-companies and startups are often registered here.

The optimal legal form for foreign enterprises is Private Limited Company (LTD).

How the registration procedure takes place

Opening of LTD includes such basic stages:

  1. Studying the client's case, activities and planned geography of work.
  2. Agreeing the name of the company.
  3. Preparation of corporate documents - articles of association, memorandum, forms H1 (confirmation by a Cypriot lawyer of compliance of documentation with the law), H2 and H3 (information about the registered office, director and secretary), submitting them to the registrar.
  4. Obtaining constituent documents and certificates necessary for the legal conduct of business.
  5. Registration with tax and other state authorities.
  6. Registration of license (if necessary).
  7. Selecting a bank or non-bank based on the business needs.
  8. Preparation of documents for opening a corporate account, submitting an application.
  9. Opening a bank account, going through all KYC procedures.

In our company you can order:

  • consultations on tax optimization;
  • substance service – ensuring the actual presence of the organization in the jurisdiction;
  • compliance control and KYC in the bank;
  • bookkeeping and preparation of tax returns;
  • preparation and filing of financial and tax reports.

Intelligent Solution Group specialists are ready to solve issues related to international business - from preparation and certification of documents to development of effective strategy, mitigation or elimination of risks.

How much does it cost to register an international company in Cyprus?

The cost of LTD company opening in Cyprus depends on the plans for further business development, objectives, need for additional services. To clarify the price and other details of cooperation, please contact Intelligent Solution Group for a free consultation.

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