How to obtain a residence permit and a Paraguayan passport under the new rules

22nd of February, 2023

The Paraguayan passport allows visa-free travel to Schengen (28 European countries), Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Cyprus, South Africa and Latin America. It is Paraguayan citizenship that allows you to move freely around the world and leave almost any destination from your country of residence in a short period of time. 
In the current political and economic situation, many people are considering obtaining a second citizenship or moving temporarily to another country. One option is to obtain a Paraguayan residence permit or citizenship. It is also a great opportunity to conduct business without risk and to protect your assets. 

Since October 18, 2022, a new law on migration No. 6984/2022 came into force. Let us tell you what has changed in the paperwork process.

Advantages of obtaining a Paraguayan passport

  • Low taxes. Tax on income obtained outside of Paraguay is 0%. 
  • It is not necessary to reside permanently in the territory of Paraguay. It is enough to visit the country once every three years. 
  • A Paraguayan passport entitles you to visa-free travel to Schengen countries, Canada and the UK.
  • A residence permit entitles you to apply for Paraguayan citizenship through naturalisation.
  • With a residence permit, you can build a business in Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and other countries of MERCOSUR (common market of South America), open accounts in banks of these countries, and execute cards.

Why it is more convenient to obtain a residence permit and a passport in Paraguay with the help of our company's experts?

Registration of any documents is painstaking work that requires special knowledge and skills. Professionals can help you save time and money and also avoid difficulties of going to Paraguay for permanent residence.
The citizenship service provides a full range of services for non-residents, including detailed advice on all matters of interest.

Our clients receive:

  • selection of a relocation programme and analysis of the migrant's needs;
  • preparation of documents for residence permit;
  • preparation of tax residence;
  • assistance in business registration and home purchase;
  • preparation of documents for permanent residence permit and further passport issuance;
  • full consultation at all stages of cooperation.

Wide practical experience allows us to execute all documents for obtaining residence permit in Paraguay in the shortest possible time.

What documents are required?

  • apostilled certificate of no criminal record not older than 3 months;
  • apostilled birth certificate;
  • internal passport;
  • passport;
  • bank statement in English for the last 6 months (the original is provided); the bank account statement must have a plastic card;
  • insurance which covers Covid-19 cases;
  • Certificate of vaccination against Covid-19.

Steps for obtaining a residence permit in Paraguay

Before you can obtain a Paraguayan residence permit, you will need to gather a package of documents. Next steps for our clients:

  • You will need to travel to Foz (Brazil) for a day to apply for a visa.
  • It will take 3-4 days to apply for a residence permit in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay.
  • After 2 months we give our clients the completed residence permit, Sedul (identity card) and the certificate of receipt of the tax number.

At all these stages of obtaining a residence permit, we will personally accompany the client and stay in touch with him or her at all times. You've probably heard that obtaining a visa for Paraguay is a daunting task, but we take care of everything. 

How to obtain a passport and a residence permit for Paraguay

One and a half years after handing over your completed residence permit, our experts will send your passport package to be processed for permanent residency and further obtain your passport.

Why Paraguayan citizenship is worth trusting us for

Intelligent Solution Group will take care of all your citizenship requirements. Each of our clients is assigned a personal assistant who will guide them to the result. 
Intelligent Solution Group - a safe space for money and assets. We guarantee you comprehensive support, confidentiality and protection of your interests. Positive feedback on the Paraguayan residence permit confirms the high quality of our services. 

Intelligent Solution Group finds its own approach to each individual case. In order for you to have less worries when processing documents we do not just involve in-house specialists, but try to see and assess your situation comprehensively. This allows us to solve your case more efficiently and find the best solution for you. The ISG team builds strong partnerships, guiding you towards a confident future.