Residence permit in Hungary €60 000 until 31.12.2023

14th of November, 2023

You have the opportunity to get a Hungarian residence permit at a reduced price - take advantage of a special offer that will be available until the end of 2023. Save 15 thousand euros and secure a stable future with a European residence permit!

Advantages of Hungarian residence permit

  • Hungary is a member of the European Union;
  • the process of obtaining a residence permit takes relatively little time and allows you to quickly start a new life and business in Hungary;
  • the opportunity to invest in Hungarian real estate, which is much cheaper than in other European countries;
  • it is much easier to do business in Europe and open bank accounts.

Program conditions

Hungary issues residence permits to applicants with any citizenship of CIS countries.

Under the promotional program the following conditions apply:

  • term of residence permit – 2 years;
  • the cost of real estate for purchase - from €155 thousand, paid in full in one installment;
  • the presence of at least 6 m2 area for each family member;
  • apply for a residence permit can be a person who has reached 18 years of age;
  • can not sell housing, otherwise the residence permit will be canceled;
  • requires proof of financial support: € 27 thousand per applicant + € 16 thousand for each family member.

Program Stages

Together with us you will go through the following stages of the program:

  • our experts will conduct a consultation, help with the execution of all necessary documents;
  • we will process your application for a residence permit and accompany it at all stages;
  • after the application is approved, you will be granted a residence permit, which will give you the right to live in Hungary and enjoy all the opportunities that the status gives you;
  • selection and purchase of real estate;
  • you will need to renew your residence permit at the end of its term.

Do not miss the opportunity to get a Hungarian residence permit at a unique price. The cost of our services "turnkey" on the promotion of services only 60 thousand euros! 

Contact us, ask questions, sign up for a free consultation, as the offer is valid only until the end of the year.