Corporate Bank Account Opening in UAE


When entering the international market, non-resident companies find it difficult to open a corporate account with a traditional bank, as a physical presence in the country of business registration is required. An alternative to standard financial instruments is to open a corporate account with Neobank Arab Emirates. 
The UAE-licensed payment system speeds up the account application process and does not require any certification of documents from the Foreign Ministry and Consulate; documents from the Registry of Companies are suitable. Neobank has loyal compliance, no deposit is required and the opening time is quicker than with a conventional bank. 
With Intelligent Solution Group you can avoid the hassle of opening an account for your company, save time, protect your business from start-up problems and focus on growth.

The advantages of the United Arab Emirates' financial system

The United Arab Emirates is a major business hub which attracts businesses from all over the world. The unstoppable development of the country, the stability of the economy, the continuous improvement in infrastructure and the rising wealth of its citizens have attracted international investors keen to incorporate companies overseas. The country aspires to become the "Switzerland of the Middle East", offering banking privacy, favourable tax rates and a convenient geographical location.
Opening a corporate account with a UAE-licensed Neobank will help international companies already operating in the country:

  • gain access to a variety of financial services, including full internet banking, deposit and payment card issuance;
  • remove the restrictions on the number of transfers and the amount of money transferred;
  • gain access to more than 65 currencies worldwide, including dollars, euros and yuan;
  • remove geographical restrictions, the client can store, exchange or pay for goods and services in 190 countries.

Access to a country's financial system opens up a wide range of business opportunities.

Reasons to turn to professionals

Opening a bank account in the UAE on your own is difficult for a company. Lack of contacts, unfamiliarity with the language will increase waiting time and in some situations may result in denial of a corporate account. The support of Intelligent Solution Group is beneficial for the client because:

  • Successful experience in account opening is applied.
  • We work with responsible representatives of banking and legal spheres of different levels.
  • We arrange legal support of the client from the moment of the transaction and during the whole period of using the account.
  • We offer comprehensive solutions and resolve our clients' problems.

Intelligent Solution Group conducts independent audits and risk assessments, analyses investment attractiveness and checks on counterparties. This approach increases confidence in the banking sector, reduces waiting time to open an account and ensures a smooth "entry" into the country's market.

Work Stages

Opening a foreign bank account for a UAE company begins with preparation, during which our specialists will analyse the case, assess the turnover of funds, currencies and scope of activities. Then we proceed to the main stages:

  1. Gather the package of necessary documents.
  2. We apply to the chosen bank.
  3. We monitor the progress of the process and help with the compliance process. Should any problems arise, we resolve them.
  4. Once the application is approved, we send the documents and information to the client.
  5. We connect Internet banking.

Due to our high experience and knowledge of local legislation, with us, the client can easily open a corporate account in the UAE for the company, avoid the typical problems, save time and money.

Professional Support

Intelligent Solution Group is an outsourced service which provides comprehensive solutions for overseas assets and tax risks for international companies. One of our products is cash and asset security, which we provide at the interface of corporate and family office services.
Our team consists of former bankers, lawyers, auditors, accountants as well as international relations and tax specialists, allowing us to make only proven solutions when structuring our clients' businesses. We help businesses avoid losses, increase their capital and keep their peace of mind.

Corporate Bank Account Opening in UAE
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