Licences for financial, crypto, gambling activities

Companies that want to engage in financial, crypto or gambling activities must obtain a licence to operate. 

It takes a long time to do the paperwork on your own and without knowledge of the nuances of some countries' legislation you may encounter problems. Intelligent Solution Group offers company licensing services.

Financial activity licenses

To conduct or develop business related to payment services in the European economic area you need to obtain a Canadian MSB or English EMI/AEMI license. The certificate provides a legal basis for the issuing of electronic or quasi-currencies, transactions and payments.

Obtaining EMI, MSB licenses is a legal basis for the movement of money within the banking system, and therefore the trust of clients in the company's operations.

Intelligent Solution Group specialists carry out the following stages:

  • We carry out an analysis of the client's activities and detail the request.
  • Selection of the suitable license.
  • Registering the company.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Obtaining a license.

Depending on your business and requirements we can offer you a ready made license.

Canadian, English license for financial activity is issued subject to a number of conditions that must be taken into account not only before the licence, but also afterwards.

Cryptolic licences in Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cyprus

If a company is exchanging fiat currency for cryptocurrency, creating blockchain technology or cryptocurrency wallets, a cryptocurrency license must be obtained. It is important to comply with the legal regulations within the chosen jurisdiction where the business is to be conducted, and outside the jurisdiction if the business involves worldwide transactions.

The issuance of a cryptolicence for payment systems boosts the trust of financial institutions.

With professional support, you will be able to protect your business in the legal field, open a company abroad, enter a new field and expand the list of additional services.

Intelligent Solution Group will determine the jurisdiction and licensing requirements, register a new company for cryptoassets, open accounts, collect and prepare a set of documents. The customer will be required to have a package of documents and comply with certain requirements when conducting crypto activities.

Curaçao gambling licence

It is estimated that more than 70% of online projects operate through a Caribbean sub-licence, which is cheaper, easier to obtain and quicker to process. If you intend to open and run a gambling business, we recommend finding out how to obtain a gambling license in the jurisdiction of Curacao. The certificate allows you to conduct authorized gaming activity, operate globally, open accounts for transactions and enter into contracts with game vendors and developers.

Our company will help with the collection and processing of documents, save the client from waiting times and reduce overall costs. 

The Intelligent Solution Group specialists will help:

  • register a legal entity in Curacao
  • prepare and submit documents for obtaining a license;
  • conclude contracts with game developers;
  • after approval, open a corporate account for a legal entity in a short period of time!

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