Obtaining residence permit and Paraguayan citizenship

Paraguay deserves attention on the world migration map due to its good combination of political stability, low income tax rates and business prospects. A residence permit in Paraguay, followed by citizenship, is a good solution to protect your assets and provide a safe haven.

Who do we recommend Paraguay to?

The experts at Intelligent Solution Group recommend that expats, wealthy families and entrepreneurs looking to enter the South American market take a closer look at this jurisdiction. With us you can get a package offer "Paraguay residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship" for the whole family. 

Among the advantages of the jurisdiction:

  • loyal migration policy – there is no need for permanent residence in the country;
  • favorable tax rates for business – 10% tax on local and 0% on foreign income;
  • prospects for business development – with a residence permit Paraguay can enter the market in Brazil, Peru, Argentina and other countries MERCOSUR, opening accounts in local banks and so on;
  • relatively simple and quick citizenship.

How do we help?

Intelligent Solution Group always develops solutions based on the goals of a particular client, whether it is the desire to urgently leave the country of permanent residence or the task of scaling up a business. If you have decided to apply for citizenship in Paraguay, with our support you will be comfortable at all stages of your journey to your goal.

Let's consider the procedure step by step:

1. Analyzing the client's case and preparing the documents.

We advise the client on how to prepare the documents, taking into account his country of citizenship, and then check the prepared package for compliance with the requirements of Paraguay.

2. Sending the documents to Paraguay.

The client's documents are forwarded to our representative in Paraguay and he prepares the application for residence permit.

3. Arrival of the client in Paraguay.

The client arrives in Asuncion (the capital of the country), a car with a driver is waiting for him at the airport. Our representative accompanies the client to the place of residence and to the places of filing documents.

Attention! Now to enter Paraguay you do not need to issue a tourist visa.

4. Visit to a notary.

A power of attorney is issued for our representative to obtain a Cédula (Cédula de identidad - identity card) and residence permit for the client.

5. Visit to the migration office.

The migration officer takes a photo of the client and uploads the data into the system. The client signs the forms, submits the documents prepared in advance for the residence permit and receives confirmation of their acceptance.

6. Fingerprinting.

In order to obtain a Cedula, the client must be fingerprinted at the police department, which the client also visits with our representative.

For your information! In general, the application process takes up to 2 days.

7. Receipt of residence permit.

The period of readiness of the residence permit is 30-45 days. Our representative receives the document in Paraguay without the presence of the client.

8. Receipt of Cedula.

After obtaining a residence permit, the documents for Cedula are submitted to the police department where the fingerprints were taken. The document is ready in about three weeks. It is sent to the client by mail.

Important! Once a year it is necessary to come to Paraguay to confirm your residence permit.

9. Obtaining a residence permit.

After 2 years after obtaining a residence permit, you can apply for permanent residence. To do this, you must provide a deposit of $5000 (refundable). To process the documents for permanent residence it is necessary to come to Paraguay for 5 working days.

10. Obtaining citizenship.

After 3 years from the date of obtaining a residence permit, the client can apply for citizenship of Paraguay. The conditions for obtaining a passport of the country are as follows:

  • pass a language proficiency exam: Spanish or the language of the indigenous Guaraní peoples (an intermediate level is sufficient);
  • have no criminal record, and not on the Interpol wanted list;
  • have not been absent from the country for more than 3 months a year for the last three years before applying for citizenship.

Why Intelligent Solution Group?

  • Our resources allow us to solve problems in a comprehensive manner, which is especially important for international businesses and investors.
  • If you are planning to move to Paraguay for permanent residence, we will not leave you halfway, no matter how many years the procedure takes.
  • We always have several alternatives in stock, working in 35 jurisdictions.

What documents will I need to apply for a residence permit in Paraguay?

  • a valid passport;
  • apostilized certificate of criminal record (valid for 90 days);
  • apostilized birth certificate;
  • 3*4 photos (2 pcs.) on white background;
  • if you have been married/married/divorced - apostilized certificate.

How to become a tax resident of Paraguay?

The easiest way is to register a business in Paraguay. A registered company may not actually conduct any business and file zero returns.
Obtaining residence permit and Paraguayan citizenship

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