Opening a bank account in Turkey for a non-resident

Opening a bank account in Turkey for a non-resident

Does your bank no longer meet your service requirements? Are there restrictions on money transfers to European or CIS countries? Need a safe bank where you can keep your funds? We suggest you open an account with a bank in Turkey. 

In addition, if you are considering obtaining Turkish citizenship, opening a bank account in Turkey is required for processing real estate transactions. 

The financial system of the country attracts its stability, banking institutions offer full service to its customers, so this area has recently been gaining popularity. 

The advantages of opening a Turkish bank account:

  • availability of SWIFT transfers;
  • account management through online banking;
  • Multiple currency accounts: Euro, USD, GBP, Turkish Lira;
  • possibility to issue debit card;
  • lower account maintenance rates than in banks in Europe.

To comply with Turkish tax legislation, a bank account can only be opened with an Individual Identification Number (INN). 

Specialists of Intelligent Solution Group offer turnkey opening of private Turkish bank account for non-residents:

  • we get Turkish TIN for you;
  • we analyse your requirements to the bank, planned turnovers, geography and purpose of transfers;
  • we choose several banks we cooperate with and apply to them for pre-approval;
  • once pre-approved, we will prepare a set of documents to confirm the origin of the funds;
  • we help you to pass KYC check by personally attending all the meetings with bank officials;
  • open an account. 

Additional services:

  • connection of online banking;
  • represent the client in all matters addressed to the bank; 
  • debit card issuance.

We support our clients in all business areas of life, so we are ready to help:

  • obtain citizenship in Turkey for the purchase of real estate;
  • оpen a corporate account with a Turkish bank. 

For the account opening process to go smoothly and to make your further cooperation as comfortable as possible we recommend you to entrust the process to professionals. Intelligent Solution Group specialists will choose the best conditions taking into account your situation and will be guided by the peculiarities of planned operations and your requirements to the financial institution.

What documents are needed to open a bank account in Turkey

You have to prepare:
an application for opening a current account; 
A valid passport and a copy of the page with the border crossing stamp;
TIN issued by the Turkish Tax Authorities;
a valid passport; a TIN issued by the Turkish Tax Authorities; a national passport.

Is a residence permit in Turkey required for opening a private account for a non-resident?

A residence permit in Turkey is not a mandatory requirement.

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