Opening a corporate account with a UAE bank

The United Arab Emirates is rapidly gaining popularity as a stable jurisdiction for international business. 

Today, the priority of many Emirati companies is to find a reliable bank for making business payments and where client confidentiality is valued. Our specialists will help to open a corporate bank account in the Arab Emirates, taking into account all the requirements of the company owners to the conditions and functions that the bank should have. 

The service is necessary if:

  • you are just planning to open a business in Dubai or another free-zone;
  • you have a company and need to open a bank account to start operations;
  • the bank where your company is served has stopped performing the functions required for convenient payments or has changed its transaction rates.

Advantages of opening a corporate account in the UAE

  • stability and reliability of the UAE financial and banking system; 
  • the possibility of free movement of capital in any direction; 
  • confidentiality of data on the UAE account holder;  
  • stability of the national currency exchange rate; 
  • low rates of bank payments; 
  • convenient Internet banking.

How long does it take to open a corporate account in the UAE?

Opening a corporate account for a company in the UAE is not quick and easy. The process can drag on for a month or more - it all depends on the bank's requirements, type of account, and status. And, of course, each procedure takes a certain period of time: 

  • collection, transfer takes up to 2 weeks;
  • submitting an application for opening an account and a package of documents – 1-2 working days. In addition, the Central Bank of the UAE has established rules that to open an account requires the personal presence of the applicant to confirm the identity and put the original signature;
  • application processing can take from 1 to 3 months (depends on the bank).

If you don't know how a company can open a Dubai bank account – contact the experts at Intelligent Solution Group. The team will help you collect documents, translate them, certify them, apply for opening an account for you and bring the task to the result.

What documents do I need to open a corporate account in Emirates? 

  • Passport, Visa, EID, CV, Co profile;
  • corporate statement (for UAE company or non-UAE company, if any);
  • supporting documents for 3 incoming and 3 outgoing transactions;
  • Draft UAE – draft for transaction with UAE company;
  • corporate documents on the company.

To open an account in a UAE bank, it is necessary to provide documents translated into English and certified according to the established procedure.

Why you should contact Intelligent Solution Group to open a corporate account with a UAE bank?

When you contact Intelligent Solution Group, you get help and solution to any problem from a team of qualified lawyers, financiers and accountants. A professional team of specialists, without your personal presence, will help you to open a corporate account in UAE. 

It is quite difficult to open a UAE bank account on your own, as strict KYC and AML conditions, compliance requests require time and relevant knowledge. The team of specialists covers all these issues and offers accounting support for companies in the UAE

Within the framework of cooperation Intelligent Solution Group provides the following list of services:

  • preliminary analysis of the client's situation (case study, geography of the business, identification of risks and strategy of negotiations with bank representatives);
  • preparation of documents confirming the business, origin of income;
  • selecting a bank, applying for account opening, negotiating with the bank's employees;
  • comprehensive support of the client after account opening (setting up online banking, assistance in transactions); 
  • answers to the bank's inquiries during the account operation.   

But the main reason why you should turn to Intelligent Solution Group is to save time, nerves and effort that may be spent on opening a corporate account in the UAE.

How to open an account in Emirati banks?

To open an account, you need to collect documents, submit an application along with the documents to the bank and wait for a decision. 

How long does it take to open a bank account in UAE?

Opening a corporate account can take from 1 to 2 months, depending on the type of company, type of activity and the passport of the founder.

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