Private and corporate accounts in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a country with rather loyal conditions for doing business. Regardless of the specifics of the activity carried out, registration of a foreign company in Kyrgyzstan cannot do without opening an account in a local bank. Despite the external simplicity of the whole procedure, in practice it is quite possible to encounter the following difficulties:

  • confusing and difficult to fulfil requirements;
  • no understanding of how to verify the source of funds;
  • incorrect paperwork, lack of documents;
  • blocking of the account for unknown reasons;
  •  long period of time for consideration of the application.

Intelligent Solution Group specialists will familiarise themselves with the situation and help to register a bank account in Kyrgyzstan quickly, affordably and without unnecessary bureaucratic delays.

Who will benefit from the service?

Opening a bank account in Kyrgyzstan will primarily be of interest to entrepreneurs and investors who are looking for international banking or investment opportunities, or who are planning to:

  • buy and register a ready-made company in Kyrgyzstan;
  •  open your own business;
  • receive guaranteed confidentiality and protection of your financial assets;
  • place your assets and investments in a safe international jurisdiction to protect them from domestic economic and political instability;
  • receive a wide range of banking services, from access to global stock exchanges and international settlements in various currencies to asset and portfolio management.

It should be noted that our company is engaged in opening accounts for various purposes. We are ready to help with the registration not only of a corporate account for business, but also of a private account for non-residents.

Intelligent Solution Group assistance in opening an account

Each of our clients, regardless of the goals pursued, peculiarities and complexity of a particular case, is guaranteed to receive:

  • assistance with collection, execution and preparation of a package of necessary documents;
  • assistance in fulfilling the conditions set by a particular bank for the client;
  •  guaranteed achievement of the desired result;
  • full support throughout the whole procedure: from the moment of application to account opening;
  • support of the client after account opening: setting up Internet banking, assistance in transactions;
  • prompt communication, the client can turn to his/her manager for help at any time if there are compliance problems or other issues.

We will find a suitable solution depending on whether you need to register an international business in Kyrgyzstan or need a private account for personal purposes. 

Our company actively co-operates with various banks in Kyrgyzstan, so we can offer the best option to meet your individual goals and needs.

Terms and conditions of work

As a rule, we follow the following algorithm when opening an account:

  1. We select the most suitable option taking into account the client's individual needs.
  2. Collect all necessary documents and submit an application for opening an account to the selected bank.
  3. We wait for a decision on the application and, if necessary, prepare and send additional documents requested by the bank. 
  4. We open and activate the account - after that the client can start using banking services in full.
  5. Our specialists accompany the client after the account opening: they help to set up Internet banking, deal with transactions, pass compliance control and solve other issues.

The procedure and terms of co-operation may vary depending on the specifics of the situation and the purpose of opening an account. If you want to open a company in Kyrgyzstan with a bank account, contact us, we have been providing comprehensive legal and tax support to businesses for more than 12 years and are ready to help with any issue of your business.

What documents are required to open an account?

Depending on the specific case and conditions of the selected bank, the package of documents may vary slightly. As a rule, the following documents are required to register an account: an application in the prescribed form, a copy of an identity document and a notarised power of attorney in case of registration through a representative, statutory documents.

How long does it take to open an account?

With the right approach, it takes an average of 5-14 days to register an account.

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