Company registration in Ajman Media City (UAE)

Ajman Media City is a free economic zone focused on activities related to creativity, media and entertainment. AMC Free Zone promises lucrative prospects for IT, advertising, e-commerce, travel, law and consulting firms, bloggers and investors.

Intelligent Solution Group team knows how to open and register an international company in Ajman Media City. Our experts will take care of all the difficulties related to paperwork and interaction with Emirati government authorities. You will be able to start a business in the FEZ from anywhere in the world, coming to the UAE only once to open a bank account.

Who is suitable for business registration in Ajman Media City Free Zone

Ajman Media City Free Zone in the Emirate of Ajman is chosen by entrepreneurs and start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses who want to:

  • register a company with a small investment;
  • work in one of the most prestigious and promising regions of the world, gain access to the markets of Asia, Europe and Africa;
  • optimize taxes;
  • operate in a favorable ecosystem with minimal bureaucracy and restrictions on the movement of profits and capital.

There are no warehouse or land leases in the region. AMC FZ is an ideal choice for companies that only need a small office.

Why register companies in the UAE Ajman

The attractiveness of the jurisdiction for foreign businessmen and investors is due to:

  • lack of reputation of an offshore, prestige of the region;
  • zero taxes on profits, dividends and capital gains. When conducting business in the Emirates, VAT is paid at the rate of 5%;
  • absence of currency control, the need to physically deposit authorized capital and submit annual audit reports;
  • confidentiality of information about the beneficiary, the register of companies in the jurisdiction is closed.

The minimum requirements for a company to be registered are:

  • one director and one founder, who may be a non-resident;
  • authorized capital of 100,000 dirhams or $27,400 (it is not necessary to deposit to the account, declaration is enough);
  • availability of a legal address in the Free Zone.

The license, which can be trade (simple or electronic) or service, allows to engage in up to 5 types of activities.

Stages of company registration in the AMC free zone 

The registration procedure takes from 3 days to 3 weeks and consists of the following stages.

  1. Familiarization with the client's business, analysis of the scope and scale of business, residence of the beneficiary and geography of counterparties.
  2. Choice of legal form - FZE, FZC, branch or subdivision of a foreign company.
  3. Selection of the name (3 variants).
  4. Collection, verification and execution of a package of documents, their certification in the country of the founder and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  5. Submission of the application to the Emirate's Department of Economic Development through a trusted person. An employee of Intelligent Solution Group will notify you about the completion of the process.
  6. Obtaining a registration certificate and license.
  7. Opening an account in the UAE.  We prepare documents, select a bank or a neo-bank based on the sphere of business activity, turnover, currency of settlements with counterparties. 

In Intelligent Solution Group you can order further support of your business: tax consultations, bookkeeping, preparation and submission of reports, as well as license renewal.

To find out how much it costs to open a company in Ajman Free Zone and what it requires, please contact a member of our company by phone number listed on the website or leave a request in the feedback form for a free consultation.

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