Registration of a company in the USA, Delaware (LLC)

The state of Delaware has a good geographical position and is different. A significant number of IT projects sooner or later move to the US to register and open a firm in Delaware, enter the US market and attract investment in their project.

The advantages that Delaware has are not shared by all states. It is characterized by progressive business law and conditional ease of registration:

  • the same person can hold the positions of director, incorporator and officer;
  • the director and founders do not necessarily have to have U.S. citizenship, legal shareholders are allowed;
  • the possibility of opening a bank account without being tied to a specific bank;
  • holding meetings of founders remotely from anywhere in the world;
  • the parties are not required to be physically present in Delaware at the time of incorporation, the presence of an authorized agent will suffice;
  • no minimum capital requirement;
  • lowest cost of incorporation compared to other U.S. states.


The Wyoming Public Company Registry only has information available about the company's registration agent. There is no director or shareholder information available. 

Paying taxes in Delaware

Registration of a foreign company in Delaware (LLC) requires certain knowledge about the requirements for the owner of the company, the rules of registration, the choice of legal form, difficulties may arise even at the stage of annual re-registration; in all cases it is necessary to contact a competent lawyer.

Special attention should be paid to the multilevel system of taxation in the USA. In most states, the system is complex and may consist in the collection of taxes at the federal and local level. 

The principles of taxation in Delaware are as follows:

  • no inheritance tax on corporate rights held by non-residents;
  • no state tax on the sale of intangible property (royalties, etc.);
  • federal income tax - 21%, provided that the company operates in the U.S. domestic market;
  • income tax – no income tax if the company does not conduct business in the State of Delaware; 
  • no capital gains tax.

Upon incorporation, the company receives a tax number.

Accounting reports

Every company must file an Annual Report once a year - up-to-date information about the company, registered office, agent, and director. Also, all companies with a U.S. tax number must file an Annual Financial Report. 

If you are interested in how to do proper bookkeeping for a company in Delaware in the USA, contact us for a detailed consultation.

What services we provide

We will help you to register or buy a foreign company in the USA, Delaware (LLC) legally competent and without unnecessary costs. With our help you will be able to open a company:

  • with one owner;
  • with 100% foreign investment;
  • without the need for actual residence in the state;
  • with an account in a U.S. bank;
  • with a minimum amount of capital;
  • with full confidentiality.

Our lawyers have extensive experience and qualifications, so you can be sure in the correctness of company registration and paperwork. We also provide support and further solve any arising issues with our help, for example, using the services of renewal of business activities in Delaware (LLC).

Delaware company incorporation stages:

  • case study, business geography and counterparties;
  • selection of the company name;
  • preparing and submitting the application and necessary documents for registration;
  • obtaining a certificate and authorization documents to conduct business;
  • opening of a bank account and support of work with the account;
  • assistance in licensing the company if necessary;
  • accounting support;
  • annual renewal.

What documents are required to open an account?

  • identity document (with photo), e.g. passport or driver's license;
  • certificate of incorporation;
  • Articles of Incorporation;
  • operating agreement (optional in Delaware);
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN);
  • a banking authorization document.

What does the price of company registration and the first year of service include?

  • company registration; 
  • registered office; 
  • local secretarial services; 
  • obtaining a tax and social security number; and a certified package of documents.


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