Company registration in the USA, Wyoming (LLC)

The USA is a huge market where every entrepreneur can find his client. Turnkey company registration in Wyoming (LLC) is a good tool for launching an international business. Entrepreneurs receive tax benefits, asset protection, they have minimum requirements for authorized capital.

Pros for a non-resident business

A nonresident business is incorporated and located outside of the owner's place of domicile. Wyoming state advantages:

  • tax system – no personal income tax, inventory tax, electricity tax, VAT;
  • minimal sales tax rates;
  • complete anonymity is allowed, information about owners is not entered into state registers;
  • no need to reside in the county or hire a resident director (local resident);
  • online document management;
  • opening fee of $62;
  • minimal reporting, availability of development programs, grants and loans;
  • mobility – the enterprise can be transferred from other regions of the country. All legal data remains unchanged.

To register and open a business in the U.S. in Wyoming requires knowledge of the language, the rules of documentation, the procedure for applying to the Secretariat of the state, and even the method of choosing a name. It is problematic for a foreigner to do everything on his own. It is impossible for non-residents to buy a ready-made foreign company in the USA in Wyoming (LLC).

Business registration rules

Running a business in the United States does not require the personal presence of the owner, residence in the country. The best choice for a non-resident is to create a limited liability company (LLC).

Features of the region:

  • availability of a local registered office and agent;
  • the size of the authorized capital – from 1 dollar;
  • taxes (on profits and capital growth) - none, if there is no activity in the jurisdiction;
  • director – minimum 1, may not be a US citizen;
  • minimum number of shareholders – 1;
  • Annual Return report - filed once a year, starting from the 2nd year of operations;
  • external audit - none;
  • beneficiary information – not disclosed.

Banking transactions are confidential, it is possible to have several accounts. The company is managed by the beneficial owner by power of attorney.

Stages of incorporation:

  • selecting the name of the company – must reflect the type of activity;
  • Submission of articles of association, registration form to the Registry;
  • appointment of an agent;
  • payment of the fee;
  • waiting for the Secretariat's decision and receiving confirmation of the company's registration.

The volume of documents to be submitted to the state registrar depends on the type of activity. After receiving a positive decision of the State Registry, the work begins. Reporting is filed once a year, if there is no activity, no declarations are filed.

Starting a business in the USA with Intelligent Solution Group

Intelligent Solution Group helps you register your company in Wyoming. You meet with our experts online. We study your case, planned geography and turnover. We offer:

  • assistance in choosing a name according to the state's legal requirements;
  • preparation of documents for filing with the Secretariat;
  • opening and legal support;
  • opening of accounts in US banks;
  • assistance in obtaining a license;
  • provide accounting services for an overseas company in Wyoming;
  • renewals, reporting and auditing for an international company in Wyoming.

Starting a business overseas is an opportunity to go international. Intelligent Solution Group specialists will help you every step of the way – from document preparation to annual reporting and other business issues.

What types of activities do I need a license for in Wyoming?

Only for banking and insurance services.

What taxes do I need to pay in the region? 

Federal income tax - 21%, Sales tax – 4% (provided the threshold is exceeded, which is more than 200 transactions during the reporting period).

How will Intelligent Solution Group help? 

We analyze the case, draw up documents in compliance with legal requirements, help you register your company in the USA, offer accounting services, help you obtain a license, open bank or payment system accounts, support you in compliance requests and KYC inspections.

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