Bitfarms is scaling up bitcoin mining in Paraguay

31th of August, 2023

Paraguay has come under the scrutiny of BitFarms, one of the largest representatives of the cryptocurrency mining market. BitFarms is increasingly mining bitcoin on the territory of this country. The increase in cryptocurrency mining is already having a tangible impact on the industry as a whole.

It became known that BitFarms expanded its mining activities by opening a new bitcoin mining complex in Paraguay with a total capacity of 50 MW. Representatives of the company note that such a step was the result of the creation of favorable conditions for the crypto industry in Paraguay.

The mining complex is located in the Paso Pe district. The facility will reach its peak capacity in early 2024.

BitFarms takes an unusual approach to financing such projects. The company uses vendor loans to open the complexes and purchase equipment. In this way, it has managed to optimize profitability, which is an indicator of a well-thought-out, forward-thinking financial policy.

The opening of a large mining center in a relatively undeveloped jurisdiction is an important event for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. Such a decision allows us to conclude that bitcoin mining will show good development indicators in the future. In addition, this is great news for investors, as they get new opportunities.

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