Citizenship in Turkey will cost twice as much

6th of December, 2023

And it will happen presumably already in January. Such terms are called and experts on migration, and Turkish lawyers, as well as realtors. 

To obtain Turkish citizenship will now need to invest about 700 thousand dollars in real estate. Other investments [in business, in a bank deposit or in bonds] will also "go up in price".

There is an assumption that the movement in this direction will begin as early as 2024, of course, there are no exact dates. 

In previous times, after changing the laws and rules for obtaining citizenship, there was a short interval of time until it came into force. This gave an opportunity to go through the old conditions in the allotted time. But now there is a possibility that time will not be given.

The estimated time for the new transition could be about a month. This is a standard period, it was applied, for example, in the summer of 2022, when they raised the minimum investment requirements. Then the threshold for citizenship rose from $250,000 to $400,000. 

But no one takes the responsibility to say for sure whether there will be a transition period in 2024. Therefore, you should hurry up if you want to get Turkish citizenship without problems and while the old conditions are still relevant.

There is only a month left before the possible entry of new rules, but even this time is enough to start the process of obtaining citizenship on even more loyal conditions. You can do it especially quickly with our experts.

Our experts will help you quickly:

  • familiarize themselves with your situation, studying the risks of refusal;
  • prepare a package of necessary documents and submit them to the relevant state authorities;
  • formalize the investment transaction through reliable partners;
  • help you go through all the procedures for citizenship and obtaining a passport.

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