Kyrgyzstan: How a non-resident can open a bank account

16th of January, 2023

A bank account in Kyrgyzstan is an opportunity to store money safely, pay for purchases and exchange currency, and send money to banks in Europe and across the CIS. Kyrgyzstan's financial sector is stable and banks provide customers with all the services they need. 

Why opening a bank account in Kyrgyzstan is a good idea

In addition to stability and convenient service, local banks:

  • are loyal to foreign nationals - it is possible to open an account in Kyrgyzstan for a citizen of any CIS country;
  • provide SWIFT-transfers;
  • rates and commissions are more favourable than in European banks;
  • availability of Russian-speaking private banker
  • loyal compliance procedure;
  • offer convenient applications for account management via Internet banking.

Can I open a bank account remotely in Kyrgyzstan and what do I need to do

The conditions and procedure depend on the bank's internal rules, but it is possible to submit the necessary documents through our representative by proxy, without the presence of the client. We accompany the procedure on a turnkey basis: 

  • we submit enquiries to several banks to find out in advance which bank is ready to take you on;
  • We help our client to go through KYC procedures;
  • prepare and submit package of documents;
  • arrange on-line meeting with the bank employee, if necessary;
  • We help to issue payment card with delivery to the client's country.
  • The procedure itself takes 5-7 working days after documents submission.

What documents do I need to open an account in Kyrgyzstan?

List of documents is defined by every bank for every case. 

As a rule, you need to prepare:

  • application - information about the client;
  • scanned copy of passport pages
  • mobile phone number to which the card will be linked
  • a notarised power of attorney if our representative submits the documents on your behalf.  
  • We negotiate personally with the bank for each individual case to help the client as much as possible and to save client's time. 

Why do they trust us to open an account in Kyrgyzstan?

Intelligent Solution Group is a safe space for money and assets. 

Our team comprehensively covers all business and personal issues: registration, accounting and banking, management, ownership and asset protection. We ensure the growth and security of assets, create a niche for storing and growing them, we choose to be on the side of business.

If you would like to open an account with a Kyrgyz bank or consult with a specialist, contact us at: email: m; phone: +44 789 803 99 10 (Whatsapp, Telegram).