Turkish citizenship: how to obtain Turkish citizenship for non-residents, steps, costs

Turkish citizenship

The program of obtaining Turkish citizenship for investment is one of the most popular among investors. For buying real estate, investing in the country's economy and some other actions, a non-resident can receive a passport and with it acquire numerous opportunities and privileges.

The main advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship for investment include:

  • retention of citizenship of other countries - no need to give up your existing passport;
  • profitable investments and the possibility of their return in 3 years after obtaining citizenship;
  • the opportunity to live, work and do business in an economically and politically stable jurisdiction;
  • comfortable living conditions, developed infrastructure, advanced medicine;
  • granting citizenship to all family members at once;
  • visa-free travel to more than 100 countries of the world;
  • possibility of issuance of Schengen visa C-2, U.S. tourist visa B-1/B-2, as well as business visa E-2;
  • no requirements for permanent residence on the territory of Turkey.

In order to obtain citizenship, an investor needs to submit documents and go through the procedure stipulated by law. In the absence of experience and knowledge, independent citizenship registration is associated with the following problems:


  • lack of understanding of the legal requirements;
  • Inability to choose the optimal investment program;
  • non-compliance with the conditions of the selected investment program;
  • complicated legal procedures;
  • a large amount of bureaucracy.

Because of this, there is a risk of not only delaying the whole procedure, but also getting rejected due to non-compliance with the requirements.

In order not to make a mistake and get guaranteed Turkish citizenship for real estate investments, please contact Intelligent Solution Group for assistance. We will provide full support throughout the entire procedure: from preparation and collection of documents to obtaining a passport.

Who will benefit from the service?

The service will be useful for people who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship through investments quickly, smoothly and without unnecessary bureaucracy.

We guarantee strict compliance with the current legislation of Turkey and correct completion of all stages.

Intelligent Solution Group's assistance in obtaining citizenship in Turkey

Within the framework of assistance in obtaining citizenship we will take care of all organizational procedures:

  1. We will familiarize ourselves with the situation, check the applicant for possible risks of being rejected.
  2. We will prepare a package of necessary documents and submit applications to the authorized state authority.
  3. We will select suitable real estate through our partner brokers, check its legal cleanliness.
  4. We will formalize the transaction, register the title and hand over the ready documents.
  5. We will apply with an application and a package of necessary documents to the authorized state authority.
  6. We will help to pass all the procedures for accession to citizenship and obtaining a passport.
  7. If necessary, we will help with opening a bank account in Turkey – we will select a suitable bank, prepare documents, submit an application and pass internal checks.

Our company has many years of experience in providing assistance in obtaining citizenship when buying real estate in Turkey.

We accompany the whole process on the basis of an executed power of attorney. If necessary, we also involve our partners from the Turkish side. This approach saves you from having to spend personal time and nerves to prepare documents and go through the whole procedure.

Turning to us for help, you can be sure of guaranteed accession to Turkish citizenship for your real estate investment.

How to get Turkish citizenship for investment?

Today there are several investment programs for obtaining citizenship. Each of them has its own peculiarities and conditions:

  • Real estate investment program is the most popular option for obtaining citizenship. The investor needs to purchase residential or commercial real estate in the country for the amount of 400 thousand dollars. In this case, it is necessary to comply with certain conditions, in particular, the property should not be used to obtain citizenship more than 1 time, and its owner can be one investor.
  • The program of investing in a bank deposit - it is enough to open an account in a Turkish bank and replenish it with at least $ 500 thousand. You can withdraw funds after 3 years.
  • Business investment program - investment in the fixed capital of a Turkish company in the amount of at least $ 500 thousand. You can also open your own company, which will create 50 jobs. You can sell your share in the business after 3 years.
  • The program of investing in bonds - purchase of government bonds in the amount of 500 thousand $. You can sell the securities and take the money after 3 years.

In addition, there are citizenship programs for highly qualified specialists, persons with Turkish roots and some others.

Our company provides assistance in obtaining citizenship for investments in real estate.

What documents are required to obtain Turkish citizenship?

As a rule, for entry into citizenship are required:

  • applicant's internal passport;
  • a completed application form;
  • notarized copy of the residence permit;
  • real estate documents;
  • documents on marital status;
  • certificate of Turkish language proficiency;
  • medical certificate;
  • 4-6 color photos;
  • power of attorney for a representative of our company.

The presented list of documents is approximate and may vary depending on the circumstances of a particular case.

Who can obtain citizenship through investments?

Almost any adult foreigner without a criminal record, serious illnesses and with a legal income can obtain citizenship through investment. Citizens of Syria, North Korea, Armenia, Cuba, Eritrea, Eritrea and some other countries cannot participate in the program.

Close relatives of the investor - spouse and minor children - can also obtain citizenship. Parents do not receive citizenship, but they have the right to apply for residence permit in Turkey.

What are the steps in the procedure of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investments?

In general, the whole procedure is as follows:

verification of compliance with the established requirements;
selection and purchase of real estate;
submitting documents for residence permit;
applying for citizenship;
obtaining a passport.

Turkish citizenship: how to obtain Turkish citizenship for non-residents, steps, costs

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