Turkish citizenship: how to obtain Turkish citizenship for non-residents, steps, costs

Turkish citizenship

Do you want to obtain a second citizenship without losing your first passport? Urgently need to move to another country for residence? Do you want to invest with benefits and prospects?

Turkey has a positive attitude towards non-resident investors who can bring benefits and economic benefits to the country. Therefore one of the fastest ways to get Turkish citizenship is through a property purchase program. On average, the process takes six months, while obtaining a passport through naturalisation is only possible after five years of residence in the country.

What is interesting about obtaining Turkish citizenship:

  • You don't have to give up another passport;
  • Turkish citizenship is transferred to future born children;
  • Turkish citizenship is also granted to the applicant's family members;
  • visa-free travel to 73 countries;
  • obtaining a Schengen P-2 visa, valid for up to 5 years;
  • U.S. business visa E-2 (for investment in a business located in America), up to 5 years; and long-stay tourist visa B-1/B-2, up to 10 years;
  • holding a Turkish passport does not oblige you to reside here permanently;
  • access to progressive healthcare;
  • a citizen can conduct business in the country, including with other countries, without the requirements for foreigners;
  • to obtain a Turkish passport you do not have to reside in Turkey, you will only need to come several times: to apply for a residence permit and afterwards to take citizenship.

We will take care of all the processes:

  1. We will check your documents and determine in advance whether there is a risk of citizenship rejection. 
  2. We will prepare a full package of papers and correctly prepare applications for you and your family members. We will submit applications to the Provincial Civil Registry and Nationality Office.
  3. Our partner Turkish brokers will find a property option to suit your requirements and investment program. Our lawyers will then check the property for "legal clearance", review the contract by analysing every clause, help you prepare the documents to prove the legal provenance of your funds and carry out the transaction. We will then register the property in your name and give you all the documents confirming the right to obtain a Turkish passport. 
  4. If required, we will open a Turkish bank account to make payment for the deal. We will choose the best bank for you to use in the future for other business or personal transfers. As a rule, the bank will check its customers for reliability and we will help you to pass the KYC procedure.
  5. All processes are carried out on behalf of the client by power of attorney. If necessary, we involve our Turkish attorney partners in the process.

You can be assured that all stages of passport obtaining will be completed correctly and according to the current Turkish legislation. By working with trusted brokers, you can avoid fraudulent purchases of properties.

What are the programmes for obtaining Turkish citizenship?
Programs for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment:
1. Real Estate Investment Programme. According to this program, the investor must buy real estate in Turkey for an amount starting from $400,000. In this case, the investor must keep the property for at least 3 years. This can be a commercial real estate, as well as residential, land. Please note that you can only buy an object that participates in the citizenship program for the investment.
2. Bank Deposit Investment Programme. Under this program, you need to place a deposit of 500 thousand dollars in a bank in Turkey for a period of not less than 3 years. 
3. The investment program in the business. The investor must create a business in Turkey, which will provide jobs and make a significant contribution to the economy of the country. 
4. Bond investment programme. The investor must purchase Turkish government bonds worth at least 500 thousand dollars. 
Citizenship can also be obtained: by birth, through naturalisation, employment, marriage or for special merit.
What documents do I need to apply for Turkish citizenship?
As a rule, the following are required from the applicant:
1. an application form with completed data;
2. an apostilled internal passport of the country of residence;
3. а copy of a residence permit certified by a notary;
4. proof of ownership of the property or proof of income;
5. documents on marital status (certificate of marriage or divorce, children);
6. Citizenship permit for children (in case of divorce);
7. сertificate of Turkish language proficiency (to obtain it, please contact the Turkish Ministry of Education);
8. certificate from a medical institution about absence of dangerous diseases;
9. apostilled birth certificate;
10. 4-6 colour photos;
11. power of attorney for our company representative.
Can the family members of an investor obtain Turkish citizenship?
1. The spouse, yes. It is necessary to prove the marriage with documents. The spouse also provides a certificate of criminal record.
2. Children - yes. If the applicant's children are under 18 years of age and are supported by their parents. 
3. Parents - no. They can apply for a residence permit in Turkey.
Who can get Turkish citizenship for an investment?
Any foreigner, with the exception of citizens of the following countries: Syria, North Korea, Republic of Cyprus, Armenia, Cuba, Eritrea, Taiwan, may participate in Turkey's investment programme. To qualify for Turkish citizenship, applicants must be of legal age, have a legal income, and have no criminal record or serious illness.
What are the stages of the Turkish citizenship programme?
1. security check;
2. choosing a property
3. buying a property and executing the transaction;
4. applying for a residence permit;
5. applying for a passport;
6. getting the passport.


Turkish citizenship: how to obtain Turkish citizenship for non-residents, steps, costs
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