Advantages of buying real estate in Bulgaria

3rd of September, 2012

When there is money for buying a new house and desire to invest in real estate in a warm inexpensive country, many choose Bulgaria. The low cost of apartments and houses is not the only reason. Residents of the CIS countries like the standard of living, European direction of development and lots of other things. What does the life in Bulgaria look like, and why is it worth buying a house there?

Similar mentality

Life in Bulgaria today is fairly simple and pleasant because the Bulgarians are a Slavic nation with mentality and values ​​similar to ours. Historically, our countries have developed in a similar direction and today have strong touristic and economic ties. In addition, it should be noted that Bulgaria is an Orthodox country.

Wide-spread Russian language

Russian is spoken, to one degree or another,by a large number of Bulgarians. In addition, Bulgarian is understandable, because it was also developed on the basis of the Cyrillic alphabet. Due to the fact that Russian language was studied in every school until 1991, today communication is quite easy, and after a couple of months you can learn to understand Bulgarian.

Mild and comfortable climate

The climate in Bulgaria is temperate, perfect for adaptation of visitors both from cold and warm countries. Safety and the absence of natural disasters (volcanic activity, earthquakes, etc. which may destroy an acquired house) are the added bonuses.

Affordablereal estate prices

Property prices in Bulgaria are low while the quality of the housing is equal to European. The Bulgarian real estate market has developed infrastructure. You can buy a ready-made house or order its construction. Accommodation can be purchased both in the center of Sofia and on the seashore or in the mountains. By the way, the latter option is more cost effectivedue to the lower popularity of mountain regions among tourists.

When buying a private house, you will be pleased by the fact that there is a low tax rate – only 10%. In addition, if the house has been used for more than three years and the owner decides to sell it, the state will please you with a small bonus – no re-sale tax.

Low prices

A big plus for our citizens is not only low prices for real estate but also for life in general. The standard grocery basket for a family will cost about 21 levs(330UAH). There is also cheap public transport, fairly affordable alcohol, various entertainments and services. Even if you are living in Bulgaria permanently, the costs are much lower than, for example, in Moscow or Kyiv.

Work, pension and scholarship

Bulgaria has a simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship for people of retirement age. The average level of pensions here is 500 levs (8000 UAH) with a minimum salary of 1000 levs (16000 UAH). Higher education is much cheaper than in other European countries, there are quite high scholarships, as well as the demand in young professionals.

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By Irina Tvardovskaya