Only victory! New achievements of the Golden Glory team fighters

3rd of September, 2012

Our friends, sportsmen of the Golden Glory Team Latvian fight club, received several awards at the beginning of April.

On April 6, the Vikings Warlords Professional Fight Show international competition was held in Limassol, Cyprus. Two club fighters were represented there - Grigoriy Zeigermaher and Roman Shaposhnikov. Overall, there were more than 20 fights between representatives of 7 countries.

Grigoriy Zeigermaher defeated a local athlete, twice the world champion in one of the kickboxing versions, Stefano Argyr. Roman Shaposhnikov also showed great results in the first round but, because of a leg injury, the fight had to be stopped. Roman was invited to take part in the summer competition.

While Grigoriy and Roman fought abroad, Vitaliy Usov won the 10th gold medal in Latvia. He became the champion of Latvia in pankration in the Pix Lax 2019 LPF section. This is not the first victory for Vitaliy this year. He has recently won the Latvian kickboxing championship in WAKO.

Intelligent Solution Group congratulates the Golden Glory Team fighters and wish further success!