The time for crucial changes: do-it-now approach to asset protection

3rd of September, 2012

What will be the business trends in 2019?

Over the soon-to-be-old year, financial monitoring and automatic exchange of tax data became commonplace for the international business community. The entrepreneurs from the CIS countries may be still unaware of the complete consequences of CRS, AEOI, and other frightening notions. Nevertheless, the strengthening of global oversight of non-resident businesses and stricter requirements for source of wealth have tied the businesspersons up in knots.

The chance to conceal assets in placid tax havens is beyond recall. The opening of accounts in foreign banks thanks to the Due Diligence, Compliance and Substancechecks does not always ensure the safety of funds..

The year 2018 has outlined the following important trends:

  1. Rigid control over the origin of assets. The UK Criminal Finances Act may well be a contagious example. Other countries might as well request proof of the legal origin of assets in the coming year. The authorities may replace the screening checks with compulsory ones. Such concept goes along with the fight against offshore and tax evasion. Even old, long-forgotten deals can become the reason for investigations and penalties.
  2. Introduction of automatic data exchange in Russia. The ongoing automatic data exchange in Russia will help to compare the assets kept on foreign accounts with the tax deductions in the home country. It is difficult to predict the consequences due to the wide range of punitive measures, varying from penalties or additional charges to freezing orders. Moreover, the court decisions in the Russian Federation are not always fair.
  3. Stricter conditions for business immigration. Business immigration and Golden Visas have already been under the gun of the European Commission and the OECD. Today, investment citizenship programmes contain provisions that allow withdrawing citizenship when revealing facts of concealed financial violations. Authorities can consider even the fact of having a second passport as a warning signal.
  4. Structuring of inherited assets. At the end of the 20th century, businesspersons became perplexed of the assets inheritance. It was high time at least to update the lists of heirs/beneficiaries in the funds and trusts used for this purpose, as well as to revise the structure of assets.

These and other circumstances made many successful people thoroughly revise the fund management. Meanwhile, the consulting professionals reconsidered their approach to the assets protection.

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A year of dramatic changes in Intelligent Solution Group

The company abandoned the practice of single business solutions. Today, we recommend clients to be proactive considering current and future risks. To this end, we offer comprehensive consulting, which comprises business analysis, development and implementation of optimal solutions. Integrated approach not only solves the current problems but also analyses its causes, as well as develops long-term strategies.

The main areas of our consulting services are corporate service, family office, business immigration.

Our goals in customer service:

  • protection and accumulation of assets;
  • creating an impeccable reputation in the eyes of regulatory authorities;
  • security of business and personal finance. 

Our company does not tolerate bureaucratic approach in interaction with clients. Each customer can contact an assigned personal assistant at any time of the day. The assistant supports the client throughout the service provision, answers questions and informs about the progress of the case. Therefore, we offer a “one-stop” solution. 

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Real Case Example

A client, citizen of Russia, intended to invest in commercial real estate in Germany. The aim was to generate income from the rental of real estate with further settling in the country. Prior to the deal, the German bank initiated compliance control which required proving legal source of funds. The client had a complex asset structure: a part of assets was in Russia; another part was abroad and varied in types and forms of ownership. Our employees have successfully “accompanied” an entrepreneur throughout the check. Today, the client successfully conducts business in Germany. His assets are safe and bring in steady income.


Summing up the year, we are proud to note that new approach has borne fruit. The number of clients has increased to as much as two thousand. Businesspersons from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, and the Baltic countries appreciated our professionalism.

We heartily congratulate current and potential clients on the upcoming holidays. Let the genuinely New year enter into your life with the last strike of the chimes! May the past not hold you back, and may the future be no longer disturbing.

By Intelligent Solution Group Team