Benefits of residence permits and citizenship in Paraguay

12th of June, 2023

Sometimes referred to as the "heart of South America" due to its location in the centre of the continent, Paraguay has become increasingly popular with our clients in recent years - the Paraguayan passport provides its holder with a variety of important benefits these days. 

Paraguay is an ideal country for expatriate freelancers and businessmen. The country conducts a loyal migration policy - migration authorities do not check residence in the country, so there is no need for permanent residency. The taxation system in Paraguay is very favourable for individuals and for business: the local income tax is only 10%; foreign income tax is 0% for those with incomes outside the country.

In order to obtain Paraguayan citizenship, you must go through the residence permit stage, which entitles you to:

  • free entry and movement within the country; 
  • to run a business;
  • 10% tax on local income and 0% tax on foreign income; 
  • employment in Paraguay, with no time limit; 
  • obtaining Paraguayan citizenship 3 years after obtaining a residence permit.

In turn, Paraguayan citizenship, in addition to all the advantages of a residence permit, allows visa-free travel to Schengen (28 European countries), Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Cyprus, South Africa and Latin American countries. It is the citizenship of Paraguay that will allow you to move freely around the world and quickly leave almost any direction from your country of residence.

How to get Paraguayan citizenship?

A few years ago, Paraguay appealed to our clients and we developed a service called "Obtaining Paraguayan Residence Permit". It is possible to apply for citizenship 3 years after obtaining residence permit and we have already successfully completed several cases for obtaining Paraguayan citizenship. 
Specialists of our company accompany the client all the way to Paraguayan citizenship. We will help to collect the whole set of necessary documents, prepare them for submission to migration services of the country, arrange their submission, track the progress and carry out communication with the authorities. In the course of residence permit issuance, the client shall have one visit to this interesting and hospitable country. Our company shall provide you with accompanying person for the whole period of your stay, so that the trip would be not only useful, but also comfortable. You can find out more about the process of obtaining residence permit and Paraguayan citizenship from our manager.