Company in Slovakia: register or buy one?

20th of July, 2022

A Slovak limited company is a company resident in the country that is taxed without reference to the place of business. Registering a company in Slovakia entitles you to do business in this country as well as in any state of the European Union. The only obstacle on the way to obtaining the necessary permits is bureaucracy.

But there is no sense for the clients of Intelligent Solution Group Ltd to wait and start from scratch all the registration processes. Because we offer to buy a ready-made company registered in Slovakia.

The legal clarity of the transaction is beyond doubt. The company is registered since Autumn 2021. All this time there has been no activity and zero reports have been submitted to the local tax office.



Appreciate the advantages of buying a ready-made legal entity in the Slovak Republic:

  • the company is already registered;
  • has obtained VAT status with mandatory reporting - the processing of this tax is the most time-consuming;
  • has already obtained an EORI number for customs operations;
  • The company has an official registered office;
  • It is allowed to change the name of the company together with the filing of the documents for the change of director.

Attention! Re-register the existing bank account to the new owner. This noticeably shortens the time from the start of company registration to the moment when you can receive the first payments from customers and send money to suppliers.

If you handle all these documents on your own, you will spend at least 3 months. When you buy a ready-made company in Slovakia, Intelligent Solution Group Ltd specialists will take just one month to sort out all the small formalities. And you will save your time and start doing business in the EU faster.

All you need from you, as the customer of the service - a notarized power of attorney for remote transaction. It is possible to have this document notarised at the Slovakian Consulate in your place of residence.

Privacy, management and administration

The beneficiary (owner) may be a citizen of any country and the director must be from Slovakia or EU. The position of director is allowed to foreigners with Slovak residence permit or permanent residence permit.

The director and the beneficiary may be the same person. Under the Slovak law trade register is open, so the information about the beneficiary is publicly available.

It is obligatory to file tax returns annually. There is a deadline of 1 January to 31 March for filing the returns for the previous year. It is possible to extend the deadline for submission of returns by another 3 months. If a company is a VAT payer, this tax has to be reported on a monthly basis.

The experts of Intelligent Solution Group Ltd are ready to take full responsibility for the tax accounting of your company in Slovakia. We will notify you in advance about the dates of submission of documentation, generate reporting documents, monitor the correctness of the submitted information and its compliance with local and EU legislation.



Taxes in Slovakia

Income tax of 15% on turnover up to 100,000 EUR per year and 21% on turnover over 100,000 EUR per year. 

Dividend withdrawal tax of 7%.

VAT is fixed at 20%.

How much does a ready-made company in Slovakia cost

This amount includes all the basic procedures needed to re-register the company. There is no fixed fee, every case is different, but we will calculate and tell you exactly how much the company registration service will cost at the first consultation.

Additional services

  • Additional services Accounting, preparation and filing of annual accounts, consultancy during the financial year;
  • VAT reporting;
  • director's services;
  • assistance with opening or reissuing an account.

If you still have questions about registering a company in Slovakia or are interested in buying a ready-made company in that country, call our expert on the Slovak Republic at this number: +44 789 803 99 10