Obtaining Turkish citizenship in the shortest possible time

13th of June, 2022

The fastest way to get Turkish citizenship is to invest in Turkish real estate. You become a citizen, get rental income of 10-12% per annum from your house or flat and after 3 years you can successfully sell your investment. Find out how to go through this procedure quickly and safely.


Benefits of Turkish citizenship

Why do investors choose this particular country? Because Turkish citizenship opens up wide "visa-free" opportunities for business and tourism:

  • free or facilitated entry to 110 countries - including Japan, Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand. Most states allow Turkish nationals to enter without a visa, while the rest issue visas on arrival or only require an electronic permit;
  • Schengen visa C-2 up to 5 years - with this visa you can spend 3 to 6 months in Schengen countries;
  • U.S. B1/B2 tourist visa for travel and visits to business events
  • E-2 visa to the USA for residence and business in the States - a Turkish citizen can obtain it for 5 years if he/she fulfils a number of other conditions.

Even if the "visa bonuses" are not taken into account, there are several significant "internal" advantages to Turkish citizenship. 

Turkish citizenship is a "back-up airfield" with pleasant possibilities. Obtaining Turkish citizenship will give you visa-free entry into the country, even when the borders are closed to everyone else. A citizen cannot be prevented from 'going home'. And, of course, you have the right to stay as long as you wish.

There are other opportunities with a Turkish passport

  • to open and run a business without restrictions for foreigners;
  • to obtain passports for your family - the investor's spouse and minor children receive Turkish citizenship for the investment;
  • to use quality Turkish medicine - in public clinics for free, and in private institutions with a good discount;
  • receive benefits for the education of children - free visits to kindergartens and schools in Turkey.

Many people ask: Is it possible to acquire Turkish citizenship while retaining their own? Yes, the laws of the country do not forbid dual citizenship. Therefore, you do not have to give up your "native" passport. The citizenship for investment programme is particularly popular amongst residents of the CIS, including citizens of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.


How do I obtain Turkish citizenship when I buy a property?

To do this, you need to buy a property worth at least $400,000. What exactly is available to buy? You can choose between new or second-hand buildings, commercial or residential property and land.

To obtain Turkish citizenship for an investment, it is important to know:

  • you can only quickly obtain a Turkish passport by buying a property that participates in the Citizenship by Investment Programme - if you buy an 'ordinary' property you will have to live in Turkey for 5 years, learn the Turkish language, prove your monthly income, collect a large package of documents and only then apply for citizenship;  
  • you can start the citizenship process immediately after purchasing the property; 
  • To become a Turkish citizen, you do not need to come to the country, let alone live there;
  • you have to own the property for at least 3 years - only after that can you sell it;
  • the purchase and sale is in dollars, not liras;
  • the price of the real estate under the contract and in the estimation of the cost of the object should coincide and be not less than 400 thousand dollars;
  • your tax residency does not change with obtaining a Turkish passport. If you are not doing business in Turkey, you do not pay taxes here. You keep your citizenship privileges and your tax burden does not increase.

Of course, taxes will still have to be paid when buying a property. These include 2% of the value of the property for obtaining a title deed (Tapu Masrafı), 1% VAT and 0.5% for utility connections (Abonmanlik) if the property is brand new.

Turkish citizenship 2022: important steps

It is long and energy-consuming to apply for Turkish citizenship for an investment on your own. The process takes about a year. That is why we offer turnkey support: we prepare and submit the documents, ensure transparency of the transaction, and control all procedures until the result.

What stages we will go through together:

  • Pre-approval of your eligibility - before you pay for our services, we will check whether the Turkish government can refuse you citizenship. With us you won't get an unpleasant surprise in the form of an unexpected rejection after all the effort and investment;
  • Property selection and seller support - our partner brokers in Turkey will select the best property for you. Then our lawyers will check the "legal clarity" of the property, analyze the contract, help prove the legal origin of your funds and conduct the transaction. We will then register ownership in your name and make all the necessary paperwork for your new property;
  • prepare a full package of documents for citizenship - we draw up all the requirements, notarize, translate and apostille;
  • submit your documents, represent and protect your interests in all government agencies and banks, conduct correspondence on your behalf - for this we have reliable and qualified partners lawyers in Turkey.

The General Directorate of Civil Status then examines your documents and the Turkish Interior Ministry checks your credentials, after which the Council of Ministers makes the final decision. 

Why it is advantageous to trust us to obtain Turkish citizenship

Intelligent Solution Group can help you apply for second citizenship in Turkey:

  • fast - in 4-6 months, although it can take up to a year to obtain on your own;
  • remotely - you do not have to travel to Turkey;
  • reliable - our internal Due Diligence will protect you from possible rejection and save resources;
  • Legitimate - we exclude pitfalls and scams from unscrupulous sellers of real estate.

We guarantee you comprehensive support, confidentiality and protection of your interests.

To discuss a turnkey Turkish citizenship application or other issues with our experts, please leave your details in the form below and we will contact you within the working day.