Company registration in the USA

Thanks to its developed economy, transparent regulatory system, well thought-out and extremely liberal corporate laws, registering a foreign company in the United States of America is one of the best options for optimising and developing your business. At the same time, it is not so easy to get all the advantages of the jurisdiction, as the registration process is associated with certain difficulties and problems. The main ones include:

  • difficulties in understanding the requirements of national legislation;
  • language barrier;
  • long waiting period for the application to be processed;
  • inflated prices;
  • unreasonable refusals without explanation.

Intelligent Solution Group specialists will help you to buy and register a ready-made international company in America quickly, affordably and in the shortest possible time.

Who will benefit from the service?

First and foremost, assistance with company registration in the US attracts entrepreneurs with international businesses who plan to:

  • register a business in a reliable foreign jurisdiction;
  • gain access to the services of the world's largest banking system;
  • to scale their business and expand their sales market;
  • freely and without restrictions to carry out banking transactions in any currency;
  • optimise the tax burden and minimise administrative pressure.

The United States of America is a federal state, so each state has its own laws and taxation peculiarities, which must be taken into account when registering a business.

Advantages of the USA for doing business

The USA is considered to be an extremely promising jurisdiction for doing business, as it not only offers transparent and well-thought-out legislation, but also provides one of the largest markets for realisation.

At the same time, it should be understood that all business activities are regulated both at the federal and local levels, and the local legislation of the states can be radically different.

The key criterion when choosing a state for business registration is the taxation system. It is because of more favourable tax rates that entrepreneurs most often seek to register and open a company in the states of Wyoming and Delaware.

In addition, the jurisdictions presented have a number of other significant advantages:

  • the residency of directors and shareholders is irrelevant;
  • short registration terms;
  • absence of a minimum amount of authorised capital;
  • availability of tax incentives;
  • information about the director is not publicly available.

Together, these factors have made Delaware one of the best states for IT activities.

Intelligent Solution Group's assistance in registering a company in the USA

Remote business registration service in the USA (Wyoming and Delaware) includes:

  • selection of the registration territory based on the specifics of the business;
  • carrying out the entire registration procedure from start to finish;
  • opening a corporate bank account;
  • subsequent accounting support;
  • annual renewal of the company.

In addition, we are ready to undertake reporting and auditing for a company in the USA, which are an important component of running any business regardless of its specifics.

Terms and conditions of work

In general, the whole procedure for registering a company in the USA is as follows:

  • analyse the business and select the most suitable US state;
  • collect and prepare a package of necessary documents;
  • submit the application to the regulator and wait for a decision on it;
  • answer questions from regulators, if any;
  • once the incorporation documents are received, we send them to the client;
  • collect and prepare documents to open an account;
  • select banks;
  • submit applications to several banks for approval;
  • help confirm the origin of funds;
  • assist in compliance control; 
  • open a corporate bank account;
  • help you set up online banking and make payments. 

For more than 12 years we have been successfully providing legal and tax support for businesses and are ready to help with company registration abroad.

How long does it take to register a company?

Depending on the state chosen, the specifics of the business, the need to obtain a licence and other factors, the whole procedure can take from a few days to a month.

What documents do I need to register a company?

The package of documents varies depending on the state and specifics of the business. In any case, it is necessary to provide information about the founders, the name of the company and a description of the activities carried out.
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