Obtaining a cryptolicense in the Czech Republic

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Benefits of obtaining a crypto license in the Czech Republic - one of the most inexpensive and fastest licenses in the EU (2-3 weeks). It takes one week to register a company and 1-2 weeks to register exchange and custodial activities in the Trade License Register.
Benefits of obtaining a crypto license in the Czech Republic - one of the most inexpensive and fastest licenses in the EU (2-3 weeks). It takes one week to register a company and 1-2 weeks to register exchange and custodial activities in the Trade License Register.

Head of department
Product Development | Crypto Expert

The Czech crypto license covers the following types of transactions:

  • exchange of fiat currency for virtual currency and vice versa;
  • exchange of virtual currency for other virtual currency;
  • opening of virtual currency wallets and storage of private wallet keys (Custodian wallet service);
  • virtual currency transfer services.

Intelligent Solution Group is a safe space for money and assets. This means that we offer not only a ready-made tool for your crypto business, but also further protection and inheritance of capital.



There are no separate types of crypto licenses in the Czech legislation and a license can be obtained in the field of activity No. 81 "provision of services related to a virtual asset".The Czech AML/CFT law defines a cryptocurrency company as an entity that, in the course of its activities, buys, sells, stores, manages, transfers or intermediates the purchase or sale of a virtual asset, provides financial services related to the offer or sale of a virtual asset, or provides other similar services related to virtual assets. 

Advantages of a Czech cryptocurrency license

  • no local content requirements. Company director, AML employee and office can be located abroad;
  • no authorized capital requirements. 1 Czech crown without the need to open a corporate account;
  • EIDAS verification methods for non-residents of the EU apply in addition to generally accepted KYC measures;
  • no strict qualification requirements for senior management. no detailed vetting of board members and KYC officer, except for the requirement to provide a criminal record certificate.

Conditions and requirements 

The company must:

  • prescribe an internal policy (AML/KYC) as well as an internal control policy;
  • appoint an employee responsible for fulfillment of AML/CTF obligations;
  • identify customers and monitor established business relationships;
  • comply with international sanctions regimes;
  • store customer data;
  • report suspicious transactions and dealings;
  • have a good business reputation with shareholders and owners;
  • apply a risk-based approach in the course of licensed activities and take into account the risks identified in the national risk assessment.

There are no local content requirements in the Czech Republic, including having a local office, director or anti-money laundering officer, and foreign investors have flexible options to manage the company.

At all stages, our experts will be on hand and on call for any questions.



  1. We analyze your case and objectives.  
  2. We prepare documents. We conduct consultations, fill in forms, make applications.
  3. We apply for S.R.O. registration.
  4. When the company is registered, we prepare an application and a package of documents for obtaining a crypto-license.
  5. Then we start the licensing process in the Czech Republic. 

We have gone through this procedure many times, so we take the burden off the client as much as possible and accompany on all matters.

Additional services:

  • opening a bank account;
  • help with SWIFT connection;
  • confirmation of the source of origin of funds;
  • connection and integration to Soft;
  • accounting support and reporting.

What documents are needed at the initial stage?

The applicant should prepare:

  • preliminary project analysis;
  • KYC documents
  • business description;
  • power of attorney for notarization and legalization;
  • a certificate of criminal record of the shareholder and director.

The documents must be delivered to our office in Prague.

Completion of applications, forms and CVs is performed by Intelligent Solutions Group employees.

Is it obligatory to be present in person when submitting the application?

The procedure is started remotely from anywhere in the world. 

Can you help with further support?

Yes, our specialists will offer you accounting support, tax consultations, solving banking issues and others. 

What is included in the service?

  • complete turnkey company formation;
  • registration as a VASP with the regulator;
  • registered address for one year;
  • prescribed AML/KYC policies
  • communication with the Financial Analysis Unit (FAU);
  • apostilization and translation of corporate documents;
  • assistance in opening a bank account for crypto operations.


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