Kyrgyz passport — special offer

22nd of January

A Kyrgyz passport is an essential tool for a business owner if he or she needs to have a "backup" citizenship and conduct business between Europe, CIS, and Asia.

Business owners who have a Kyrgyz passport as a second passport:

  • have no problems with opening accounts, both personal and corporate;
  • can confidently make settlements with counterparties from CIS, Asian and European countries;
  • enjoy low tax rates;
  • benefit from European investment citizenship programs;
  • have no currency restrictions when transferring large sums of money to foreign banks;
  • obtain Schengen visas and residence permits in Europe and around the world.

Intelligent Solution Group is a safe space for money and assets. It means that we offer not only a ready-made tool for your business, but also further management and inheritance of capital – tax and banking issues and inheritance of business by your successors.


Conditions and requirements 

The applicant does not need to reside in the country before and after acquiring citizenship.

The basis for participation in the program is the Regulation on Simplified Procedure for Acquisition of Citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic by CIS citizens .

The only condition for obtaining citizenship is that the applicant was a citizen of the USSR or RSFSR and at the same time a citizen of the former USSR before 1991.

From the collection of the package of documents to obtaining a passport - 3-4 months.

At all stages our specialists will be nearby and in touch with you on any questions. 



  1. We analyze your case and objectives.  
  2. We prepare documents. We conduct consultations, fill out forms, and prepare applications.
  3. After collecting the documents, we agree on the date of your first arrival in Bishkek to apply for citizenship. Our representative will meet you at your hotel and escort you to the registration service to submit your citizenship documents.
  4. As soon as the Kyrgyz government publishes the citizenship lists, you will come to receive your passport.
  5. Our representative will help you apply for a passport. 

We have gone through this procedure many times, so we take the burden off the client as much as possible and accompany you in all matters.

Additional services:

  • opening a bank account – private and corporate;
  • obtaining a foreign passport;
  • confirmation of the source of origin of funds;
  • registration of a legal entity in Kyrgyzstan.

What documents are needed at the initial stage?

The applicant should prepare:

  • original civil passport and passport for foreign travel (2 copies of each, all pages where there are records and marks, copies notarized;
  • birth certificate original and 2 copies, notarized;
  • certificate of marriage conclusion (dissolution) original and 2 copies, notarized;
  • notarized consent of the spouse that he/she is not against accepting the KR citizenship by the applicant, notarized copy of the spouse's passport - 2 pieces;
  • a certificate of no criminal record in the applicant's country of citizenship;
  • a document confirming the availability of legal sources of livelihood (bank statement);
  • a document confirming proficiency in the state language;
  • certificate of registration;
  • autobiography.

There is no need to translate and apostilize documents.  

Filling in applications, forms and resumes is performed by Intelligent Solution Group employees.

Is personal presence required when submitting an application?

The procedure is started remotely from anywhere in the world, but after the paperwork is completed you will need to come to Bishkek for 2 days to submit the documents. And already when the Kyrgyz government will publish the lists of citizenship issuance, it is necessary to plan one more visit for 3 days to receive the internal passport and submit the documents for a foreign passport.