LLC registration and US bank account in 6 days

19th of April, 2021

Low taxes, up to 0%!

Work with USD and other major currencies!

Remote registration and account opening!


What kind of business is an LLC in the USA suitable for?

A company and account in the USA is ideal for start-ups in the IT sector.

It is also perfect for medium and small trading businesses, especially if the settlement currency is the dollar and the trade is predominantly outside the US.

If the business is not conducted in the US, the LLC is not subject to income tax at the place of incorporation, and has the lowest maintenance costs. Wyoming was ranked number one in the Tax Foundation, a chart of the most tax-friendly business climate, back in 2008.

What do you get?

  • A new company in the USA with your name on it;
  • Remote account opening at a US bank or payment system;
  • Convenient online banking and a personal account manager;
  • A multi-currency account with direct crediting details;
  • Correspondent banks: Citibank, Barclays, Metropolitan Commercial Bank;
  • Issuance of MasterCard cards in different currencies (USD, EUR, GBP).


A financial instrument - an LLC in Wyoming offers the opportunity to improve the efficiency of your business and provide a stable growth perspective.

Today, it is a safe strategy to protect assets and gain tax advantages in the long run.

By registering an LLC in the state of Wyoming, you will gain several competitive advantages at once, which will ensure the steady growth of your business.

1. Low taxes

The state of Wyoming has a territorial principle of taxation. If the business is not conducted in the US, the LLC is not subject to income tax at the place of incorporation. 

Wyoming was ranked number one in 2008 by the Tax Foundation, a chart of the most tax-friendly business climate.

A nice addition is the fact that it is less expensive to incorporate and maintain a company in Wyoming than in other popular states.


2. Privacy

Registering a company in the State of Wyoming ensures high confidentiality for two reasons: 

*As of 2016, no disclosure of the company's ultimate beneficiaries is required upon incorporation. Only information about the company's registration agent is available in the Wyoming public company registry. There is no information about the director and shareholder.

*The US, taking advantage of its position on the international stage, is the only developed country in the world that does not report depositors to its banks under the automatic CRS exchange.


3. Simplicity of structure, management and reporting

An LLC in Wyoming has a simple structure:

  • The minimum number of directors is one. There are no residency requirements.
  • No secretarial requirements.
  • Minimum number of shareholders - one. No residency requirements. Shareholders - legal entities are allowed.
  • Period of company registration up to 5 days.


Registering a company in the USA

In the US, every company must file an Annual Report once a year - up-to-date information about the company, the registered office, the agent, the director. Also all companies with a US tax number must file an annual financial report. For a company with an overseas business, the financial statements are filed in a simplified form.

! We inform our clients in advance of the renewal date and the need to provide documentation for the preparation of the report.


Fees and charges:

  • Company with an account as low as 2100e!
  • Annual renewal: from 900e
  • Annual Report and Financial Statement preparation and filing: from 600e 

Special offer for US company registration valid till 05.05.2021