Obtaining a Kyrgyz passport

The constantly changing international environment and complex political processes have an impact on the fact that requests for acquiring additional civil status are becoming more frequent. The number of people who are interested in how to obtain a Kyrgyz passport is constantly growing. Having citizenship of this republic, it is possible to move freely across countries, open bank accounts, and count on obtaining residence permit in the European Union, citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic easily obtain additional European citizenship.

Who can obtain an internal passport of a Kyrgyz citizen

According to the law, any foreign citizens who have reached the age of 18 can obtain a Kyrgyz passport. This requires a personal application to the territorial passport services with an application and an appropriate set of documents. Compared to the procedure in other countries, the registration of a Kyrgyz passport is considered affordable and quickly realized. It is most relevant for certain categories of people:

  • those wishing to obtain a second citizenship in a short period of time;
  • who have decided to change their country of residence;
  • needing to change the jurisdiction of business location due to the economic and political situation in their country or for other reasons.

What gives a Kyrgyz passport

Becoming a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic is necessary both for individuals and entrepreneurs doing business. Kyrgyzstan has a favorable geopolitical location, being on the border of east and west - in the heart of Central Asia. This contributes to the successful development of trade relations and export cooperation. Among other advantages of obtaining citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic, we note the following: 

  1. Kyrgyz citizens can move freely around the world, have the right to obtain a Schengen visa and apply for a residence permit in any European state.
  2. Having a passport allows you to open an account in Kyrgyzstan. This facilitates many banking operations and guarantees trouble-free transfer of funds to foreign banks. 
  3. Some situations require the acquisition of dual citizenship, if it does not contradict the legislation of your country, in Kyrgyzstan it is officially allowed. Kyrgyz citizens can take advantage of investment citizenship programs in the USA and European countries, which is relevant in the current period of acute crisis and uncertainty; second citizenship is becoming a valuable asset these days. An alternative passport may be needed in case of emergency relocation or migration to another country. 
  4. Registering a company in Kyrgyzstan is a common procedure. In this case, entrepreneurs can get access to the economy of the state, count on low rates for company maintenance, loyal tax conditions, access to the EAEU market.

How to apply for citizenship 

Anyone can issue and make a passport of Kyrgyzstan quickly with a validity period of 10 years. Many applicants are afraid of the complexities of legal procedures and bureaucracy, so to solve such issues it is better to seek help from professionals, now there is a simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship. For this purpose it is necessary to confirm that the applicant was a citizen of other CIS countries before 1991 on the basis of a certificate in form No. 9. It can be issued at the police station or passport office at the place of residence. 

Why applicants choose us

We provide full support at all stages of the citizenship procedure. The total period from the collection of documents to the issuance of a passport in hand is 3-4 months. When formalizing the status of a citizen, we take care of all important issues:

  1. We will quickly prepare the documents and send them for verification to make sure that they meet the requirements.
  2. We will agree with the applicant on the date of arrival in Bishkek, meet him/her at the hotel and escort him/her to the registration service.
  3. We will be in touch to resolve any issues in a timely manner. We recommend that you plan your stay in Kyrgyzstan within 2 days.
  4. After publicizing the lists of citizens who have been approved to receive an identity document, we invite the applicant for a second visit.
  5. We provide escort for unimpeded passport obtaining. We help to issue a passport the next day.

To quickly resolve issues of any complexity, contact our managers.

What does a sample Kyrgyz passport look like?

The document of a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic has a blue-colored cover, on which the coat of arms of Kyrgyzstan is depicted, with the inscription "Kyrgyz Republicasy" at the top. The pages of the passport have visible security features. On the first spread there should be a photo of the owner, series and number of the document. 

What original documents are needed to obtain citizenship?

  • passports (ordinary and foreign); 
  • birth certificate;
  • certificate of marriage or divorce;
  • consent of the spouse that he/she has no objection to the applicant's acceptance of KR citizenship;
  • a certificate of no criminal record issued in the country of current citizenship;
  • bank certificate confirming the availability of legal sources of income;
  • a document confirming proficiency in the state language (to be made locally);
  • certificate of registration, form No. 9;
  • autobiography (to be prepared together with our representative during the first arrival).

Do the documents require translation and apostille?

No, translation and apostille of documents are not required for Kyrgyz citizenship.

Do I need to certify copies of documents?

When submitting the list of documents, it is necessary to submit 2 copies each, which are notarized.


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