Case: Creativity and business

Client request

The business of selling art and copyrights of a famous impressionist painter required the registration of a  company and the opening of an e-commerce account.

When the client approached us, the business had already been operating for many years, had 150+ employees, and had an annual turnover of millions of dollars. But it was necessary to organise a tool to sell products via the Internet.

The solution

The first thing we did was to register an Estonian company and open a merchant account with Decta.

With the pandemic now in its third year, the decision to move most sales online was very timely and appropriate.

That is why we have now opened 3 merchant accounts for this client, enabling the business to sell its products freely in all continents and all major currencies.

As the work progressed, new challenges emerged:

  • Select a country for the whole family to emigrate to according to certain criteria: warm climate, good schools, low crime rate and availability of tax advantages.
  • Set up a full sabbatical for a company in Estonia, open an account at a local bank and find commercial property to open an art gallery.

We are currently working on attracting large investments into the client's business. Our good friends and partners, the M&A (mergers and acquisitions) company, which has closed more than 20 projects in the past three years and helped us attract investments totalling $500 million, are helping us do this. It is a complex process, with much work to be done:

The result

As a result of the work already done, the client company, even in difficult times of pandemic, has gained new opportunities. Our cooperation continues.

We love tackling such complex and multifaceted challenges. It helps us grow as professionals and helps our clients develop as successful entrepreneurs.

So we believe that through our joint efforts we will help our client's business to go up rapidly and reach new heights.

  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the financial model of the business.
  • Get rid of inefficient assets.
  • Choosing the right jurisdiction to register a company.
  • To fully accompany the process in legal terms.
  • Show the business in the most attractive way for an investor.

We will ensure that:

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selecting the best bank or payment system for your particular needs

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selecting the best bank or payment system for your particular needs

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selecting the best bank or payment system for your particular needs


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