Obtaining a cryptolicense for a cryptocurrency exchange service

Client's pain?

Promptness of obtaining a crypto-license in Europe and remote obtaining for launching a crypto-exchange in the EU. We needed a low-cost option.

What was the client's request?    

To create their own exchange in the European Union. This required a European crypto license.

Why didn't he want to or couldn't realize the task on his own?

The client did not want to fly to the Czech Republic, so he immediately turned to us. 

What solution did we offer and why?

The crypto exchange was launched in Europe. It has a very clear service: a platform that exchanges crypto for crypto. In the future, it was planned to connect the exchange of crypto to fiat money. To start the project, we offered the client to obtain a cryptolicense in the Czech Republic. This proposal suited the criteria and objectives of the client's business as much as possible.

Were there any difficulties in solving the request – what were they?

There were no difficulties in solving the request.

Case duration?

The case duration was 2 months, including preparation of documents, approvals and all necessary stages.

What specialists were involved?

  • a specialist in crypto licensing.
  • a lawyer in the Czech Republic who is authorized to register a company and obtain a license. 


VASP license in the Czech Republic.

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