Case: Corporate account in Kyrgyzstan

Customer's pain? 

It is not possible to make payments between CIS countries and Europe with a moderate commission. We need a universal solution for transactions both within Europe and CIS countries. 

What was the client's request? 

To open a corporate account for a fintech-related company. The company provides services to clients from EU countries.

Why couldn't the client realize the task on his own? 

Quite complex compliance control. The bank requests detailed statements, contracts, invoices, delicately but scrupulously checks.

What solution did we suggest and why? 

Opening an account in a bank in Kyrgyzstan. The bank also provides the service of opening an account for the beneficiary of the company. It is possible to issue a universal plastic card. There is also support of a personal manager from the bank during working hours on all issues. 

Were there any difficulties in solving the request – what were they? 

Complicated compliance check from the bank.

Case duration?

4 weeks (from the first call to the first transaction on the activated client's account).

What specialists were involved? 

  • a bank specialist from Intelligent Solution Group;
  • a lawyer who accompanied negotiations with banks and checked documents;
  • an accountant, auditor, tax specialist who helped to collect and package documents for the bank;
  • a compliance specialist of Intelligent Solution Group, who accompanied the process of negotiations with banks and helped to pass the checks.

The result? 

We opened a corporate account in Kyrgyzstan. As a bonus, we also opened a private account for the owner - the client is satisfied. 

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