Case: Kyrgyz passport

The client's pain?

Based on the economic and political situation, the client decided to return his Kyrgyz citizenship. He could not fully engage in business and enter European markets, and in general he had plans to move to Kyrgyzstan to live. 

What kind of inquiry did the client come with?

The client was born in the Kyrgyz Republic before the collapse of the Soviet Union and lived there until 2001. Soon the family moved to Russia to live with relatives. He obtained rf citizenship because his mother was born in russia.

Why was he unwilling or unable to accomplish the task on his own?

The client wanted to apply for Kyrgyz citizenship at the embassy in Moscow, but found out that it was impossible. In order to apply, it is necessary to be personally present in Bishkek and apply to the Department of Population Registration of the Kyrgyz Republic, which accepts documents for citizenship consideration. 

What solution did we offer and why?

We told the client in detail about the stages of the process and applied for citizenship, advised him about the package of documents. When the package was assembled, we checked it and submitted the applications. We accompanied the client to Bishkek to take biometrics. 

Were there any difficulties in solving the request – what were they?

Since the client was born in Kyrgyzstan and met the requirements of the program, it was relatively easy to regain citizenship. 

Duration of the case?

6 months.

What specialists were involved?

  • lawyers;
  • consultants specializing in immigration and investment issues.


The client obtained a Kyrgyz passport, regaining his citizenship. He moved permanently to Bishkek and is developing his e-commerce business in Europe smoothly. 

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