Case: Obtaining a license for iGaming

Client pain?

Curaçao is tightening the rules for obtaining a license and increasing the requirements for transparency in the financial activities of companies. It is unprofitable for a young startup to obtain a license there, as it will require additional financial investments, not every startup can afford it. Business founders do not want to risk large sums, and are looking for a more profitable option.

What kind of request did the client come with?   

To get one license that covers all types of games, in a quick timeframe and with minimal company requirements, and cheaper than a Curaçao license. 

Why would he not want or be able to implement the task himself?

The client was considering applying for Curaçao licensing, but since the price and requirements to obtain this license did not meet expectations, the guys were on the lookout for an alternative option. 

What solution did we propose and why?

After evaluating the client's requests, we suggested getting an Anjouan gambling license. This jurisdiction has a low license fee, the license can be issued within 3 weeks, there is no GGR tax, and there are favorable conditions for doing business here, it covers all types of games.

Were there any difficulties in solving the request – what were they?

There were no difficulties in the process of realizing the case study.

Duration of the case?

The case implementation time was 1 month, including preparation of documents, approvals and passing through all the necessary stages.

What specialists were involved?

  • tax consultant;
  • company registration manager;
  • gambling licensing specialist;
  • Intelligent Solution Group's bank specialist.


We opened a company in Anjouan and obtained a license. 

We also registered a processing company to accept payments from players and make payments to them.

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