Case: Zoo

Request from agent

The client approached the agent with enquiries concerning the setting up of the zoo. At that time, construction was already well underway, suppliers had been chosen to purchase the animals (elephant, giraffes, zebra, hippo, etc.) and a company had been found to transport them to Ukraine.

The problem arose directly with the purchase itself, as foreign banks were rather cautious about such a specific commodity as an elephant, and did not understand the proper type of accompanying documents.

The agent recommended our company to the client and we took on the task of closing all matters with the bank.

The solution

To make sure everything goes smoothly and correctly, we started by gathering a list of documents requested by Customs. We also clarified what certificates and data the customer needs to have when buying exotic animals.

Afterwards, we collected information and created a profile of the supplier companies so that the bank could understand who would be paid and, in fact, see the transparency of the transaction..

A business plan for the zoo, a photo of the construction progress and all the permits were attached to the package of documents.

All these documents went straight to the bank with a covering letter, in which our experts further described the scheme for future work.

This way, we closed all the bank's questions at once, which significantly reduced the time spent on correspondence with the bank's representatives. The necessary information was submitted, so that only the invoices had to be submitted in order to make the payments.

The result

By preparing all the documents competently, we helped the client not only with the task at hand, but also with optimising it. We saved him time, effort and patience. And the zoo, by the way, is still in operation today!

We have ensured:

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Described the pattern of future work

img alt

Prepared a business plan for the zoo

img alt

Prepared all the documents