Case: How to get back the frozen $600k.

Запрос клиента

The guys approached us on a recommendation; they were representing a product from a major Japanese corporation. It was a specific, oversized product, for large machinery. Due to the arrangements, we cannot be more specific than that. But it is not that important.

The request was related to their international company, which has been out of operation for a long time. For several years it was their operating company for international trade. The bank where the company's account was held was already in liquidation. It had obtained external administration, froze all the money and started auditing all its customers.

For this reason, the bank required a lot of documents from the client on past activities. The client does not need this company, so collecting a large set of documents seemed like a waste of time.

By the way, $600,000 was frozen in the account, which, according to various experts, could not be recovered. Everyone has come to terms with this.


The solution

We insisted on meeting all the bank's demands. The fact is that things like this do not go away. Sooner or later, this story that was let down will come back to bite us in the ass. Not that we have broken the law, no. But the security of money and assets is about order in all the nuances, not letting the situation go to waste.

We also insisted on trying to get the frozen money back. To be honest, our team was optimistic that there was no more than a 3% chance of getting it back. But we took it on, got our legal partners involved and started collecting documents.


The result⠀

Helped the client prepare and put in order all business documents and closed all bank requirements. Provided the bank and all the authorities that required it with the collected and prepared documents, letters of reference, reports. All work on the project took 4 months.

The bottom line is that we have succeeded in everything! Both to satisfy the bank's requests and to return the frozen money to the client. The result turned out to be the best assessment of the team's work.

And +1 interesting case, a satisfied client, as well as a  cool experience of our team. We like tricky tasks. Sometimes they can be solved, sometimes not, which makes them even more interesting.

We have ensured:

Кейс: Как вернуть замороженные деньги

Closed all outstanding issues between the client and the bank

Кейс: Как вернуть замороженные деньги

Returned a large sum of money to a client that everyone had already given up on

Кейс: Как вернуть замороженные деньги

The client was satisfied and brought his partner as a recommendation