Banks of European Union

Since 2018, many changes have occurred in the European banking system, and unfortunately not for the better. Compliance requirements have become much stricter, however, with proper preparation and compliance, it is possible to open a bank account in the EU.

  1. Who are the accounts opened for?

    Accounts are opened for individuals, as well as companies with a tax number and financial statements. A big advantage for opening an account will be the presence of a real office and employee in the country where the companies are registered.

  2. Is it possible to open an account remotely?

    Some banks have a remote opening process, but most banks will require an in-person visit.

We work with banks:

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Novo Banco (Португалия)

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Banco Montepio (Португалия)

img alt

Millennium (Португалия)

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PKO Bank (Польша)

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BNP Paribas (Польша)

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Banca Transilvania (Румыния)

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Bank of Cyprus (Кипр)

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Rietumu bank (Латвия)

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The advantage of our approach is flexibility and individual selection of payment solutions. Having a wide base of partner banks gives us the opportunity to provide a service that satisfies any client request.

Conditions, tariffs and terms

The account opening process consists of two stages: the preparatory stage and the actual account opening stage.

The preparatory stage includes collecting and submitting documents to the bank to analyze the risks and attractiveness of the client. EU banks conduct in-depth analysis of their clients.

Our company manager will give you more information about basic tariffs. Call us or fill out the request form below.

On average, opening an account takes from 2 to 8 weeks.

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